Three Passes Trek


I am looking to do Everest Base Camp and Three Passes Trek this September.
Planning to start the trek from Jiri, a friend tells me its very beautiful! (apparently you can also get transport a bit further up, so if people are tight for time that is also an option, think that means it’s about 2 days to Lukla). Though I can also arrange to meet people in Lukla if you would rather fly in. No guide or porters. We’ll be staying in teahouses and doing it as cheap as possible! Plan is to get a group together and have a fab time 🙂 did the same for Annapurna a few months ago which was great!

Also, not to sound miserable, but if you’re inexperienced, please consider if this is right for you. The aim is to have fun, not babysitting! So please bring appropriate clothing/gear, and at least know vaguely how to read a map!

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Kitty 🙂



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  1. Hi Kitty,
    I`ll stay in Nepal for a third time from 16 Sept. to 28 Oct. I`ve already finished the Jiri/EBC trek two years ago. That`s why my first option this year is hiking to Kanchenjunga B.C. I`ve actually posted a trip here but it seems to be difficult to find people for the Kanchenjunga region.
    Therefore my plan B is doing the Three Passes Trek. In 2014 I headed to EBC/Kalapathar and turned back to Jiri immediately. But there are so many other fantastic places in the Solu Khumbu region! Gokyo Ri and many others.
    Four days difference between our arrivals should be no obstacle. So maybe we could hike together? I`ve also finished the complete Annapurna Circuit in 2012. Of course without guide and porter. So I should be experienced enough … 🙂

    Looking forward to hearing from you,

  2. Hi Kitty, hi Lars,

    If you decide to start the trek from Jiri the 16 or 17, I’ll join you the 21 in Lukla or Phakding (I’ll arrive to Kathmandu the 20).
    The Three pass treks seems to be really stunning. I hope to be able to match your plans.

    Best wishes

  3. Hi Kitty,

    Hoping to do the same trek, round the same time. Currently in Kashmir and have been trekking in Ladakh, India including 5000m passes.

  4. Hey Guys,
    Planning on leaving late September now (25th ish?), let me know if you are still interested. Maybe also doing some side peaks on the way 🙂

  5. Hi Kitty,

    for me leaving Kathmandu the 25. is still feasible (I’ve some people to meet in Kathmandu before or after the treks), but if you are still considering to trek from Jiri, than for me unfortunately would be too late.

    Let me know your plans.

    Best wishes
    Thomas Pferdekämper

    PS: Although I don’t like the idea of taking a plane in order to trek in the nature, the alternative for me it’s unpracticable. From Shivalaya/Jiri to Lukla are at least 5 walking day in each direction summed up to a fool transition day in jeep to reach Shivalaya (12 days instead of 2 half days). I would like rather use the time to reach some side peaks and enjoy the beauty the walleys, glaciers and peaks.

  6. Okay, plan now is to start from Salleri, you can get a bus/jeep here from KTM, takes about 2 days to Lukla from here. Will most likely be leaving Kathmandu on the 25th/26th of September.

  7. Hi Kitty,
    I have no experience, but I am not a type of person who needs babysitting anyway. I am flexible date wise and I definitely want to trek the Three Passes and Base Camp. Your Budget and duration time sounds great to me. I want to keep it as simple as possible. I don’t want to fly into Lukla rather hike.
    I need to be back In Kathmandu latest November 3.

    • hey! we are all in KTM at the moment, leaving 25/26, let me know if you’re still interested!

  8. Hi guys,
    I’d been keen to tag along – in Kathmandu now and just finished Annapura. Leaving on the 26th would be good, although I would probably rather fly to Lukla.

    How many are heading along now?



    • hey, there are 4 of us now, planning to head on the 25/26th, we are meeting in KTM over the next few days if you’re around?

  9. Hey kitty. Yes still keen. Would be good to meet up. I’ll message you my contact details

  10. Hi guys, my name is Guillaume and I plan to do the three passes as well. I am flying from KTM on Tuesday the 27th on the morning so will be keen to hit the track the same day.
    I can wait a bit to catch up with you guys.
    It would be awesome to hike together!
    Looking forward your answer.

  11. I shall be in Kathmandu for a week commencing 24th October/16. Could we meet for hangouts.


    Ajoy Medhi