Three Passes Trek

Hello there,
I am in the early stages of planning the three passes trek and looking for willing partners to join me. It’s fun if we do some of the planning together so this is why I am reaching out now.
I’m undecided about taking a guide or not, as I’m quite experienced and quite fit but this would be my first time in the Himalayas.
I plan to fly in to Kathmandu in the middle of October and fly to Lukla from there. My ambition is to do the route in about 16 days but am a little flexible around this.

I’d love to hear from like-minded folk out there to join up!



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  1. Hello Oli,

    I am looking to do the 3 passes around the middle of October. I will be trekking in the Annapurna region up till about October 10th, then plan to head to Lulka. I plan to go unguided/no porter, but definitely want to find a partner for this trek as it sounds like some stretches would be a bit dicey alone.

    I was planning to start around October 10th, I could push that to be a few days later, but I think I’d have to start by the 14th at the latest in order to leave a few days of cushion at the end for getting back to Kathmandu for my flight out of Nepal.


    • Hi Josh,
      Thanks for your reply. It would be tight because the earliest I can fly in to Kathmandu is 13th Oct so the earliest I could get to Lukla will be 14th, but nothing’s certain with the flights.
      Even if it doesn’t work out to trek together, I’d be interested in your plans as they develop, so do stay in touch.


    • Hey Josh,

      I was in the market for the three passes trek about the same time; figuring about 20 days (super flexible) just to be safe. I was originally thinking october 8, but could definitely be flexible. Like you said, I was also planning to go independently/no porter but it would also be wise to have someone to go along with.


  2. Hi Oli,

    I am at the same stage: starting my plans for Nepal. I intend to fly on the 13th of October to Kathmandu and also think about doing the Three Passes. I consider myself mostly fit and have been in the mountains quite a bit this summer. Shall we keep in touch about making plans?

  3. Hi Oli, I am flying into Kathmandu on Oct 15 and plan on doing the 3 passes also including Chukkung Ri, EBC, Kala Pattar, Goky Ri etc. Will take me a couple of days to get permits etc so OCt 17/18 might fit well.

    I plan on going unguided as I have been in the region before and I am familiar with it (been to EBC, summitted Island Peak etc)

    16 days seems a bit quick for me though. Maybe we can discuss?

  4. Hi folks,
    Sadly I’ve had to postpone my plans to go to Nepal until next year for reasons beyond my control. I hope you all have a great time!