Three Passes Trek

Hye! I am planning on doing a whole month starting from jiri and trekking the three passes trek, and maybe back to jiri depending on the time. Prefering a trip without a guide.. i will be arriving at kathmandu on the 31st of october, departing on 29th of november. So, thinking of taking a bus to jiri on 1st of november and start trekking.. would really like flexibility, as maybe i would like to camp instead of lodging.. still on planning stage,but the flight ticket to kathmandu and back are already bought.. hopefully i can get a few trekking partners before going, but if i can’t, then will go independently. Any advise would really be appreciated.. the group is open, and i would welcome anyone to join, as long as the group size in convenient.



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  1. Hi Eman
    My plans related to trekking are nearly same as yours. I will land on Kathmandu on the evening of 1st November, Two days later I take journey to Jiri. In the area of Everest I’d like to cross at least one of high passes. Walk from Jiri I’d like to take without assistance of guide, but I’d like to hire guide when crossing passes.
    How big is your group?
    Are you still looking for company?

    • Hi Jarek.
      Well as of now, it is still just me.. would welcome company along the way. Yes! Our plan is alike but for small differences.. i would really like to go all three passes and even the gokyo peak if i can manage the time. But, i think maybe we can somehow manage the trek partially together?

  2. Hi Eman,
    Eight years age I visited Everest region, my route was : Lukla – Chukhung – Dingpoche – Lobuche – Gokyo – Lukla.
    There are 2 days between the dates we start our trekkings, if you leave KTM on 1 November and I on 3rd it’d be difficult to meet each other before Namche.
    How do you want to obtain TIMS? Correct me if i’m wrong but I’m quite sure one can only get it in the Kathmandu.


  3. I am thinking of obtaining TIMS in kathmandu on the 1st of november. Then take a bus to jiri directly, and start my trek the next day.. as it would take 5 to 6 days to namche, it would be better to start the trekking immedietly..
    I have never been to nepal before, so any suggestion would really be welcome. How would you suggest for us to try the trek together? Maybe i could wait for you and still make time for the three passes? I need to be at kathmandu by 29th of november for my flight back.