Three Passes Trek including EBC and Gokyo Lakes

Hi, I’m Louise. Firstly, thanks for reading my post!

Me and my husband Ashley are going to be attempting the Three peaks pass in September 2016 – we plan to arrive in Lukla (flying there and back) on September 5th. We have both left our jobs so don’t have time pressures to get back – we have avoided looking for organised treks due to the high cost and time limitations that an organised trek has but we are looking for other travellers/Trekkers who are up for the challenge.

We have set aside 25 days to follow the three passes although this time frame is not set and is just to allow for a steady pace!

We are hoping to meet 3-4 people who have a similar plan. If that is you then please get in touch! I would love to talk about your ideas! Our plan is to use tea houses etc (no camping!) and carry our own gear.

Let me know what you think!

Look forward to hearing from you 😀😀😀



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  1. Hey Jacinda!

    We’ve decided it might be a good idea to trek to lukla and fly back, so starting out trek on the 5th from jiri/ shivalaya. Gives us a chance to see a lesser seen path to lukla and time to acclimatise. What do you think? What are your plans?x

  2. Hi Louise,

    I plan to arrive in Kathmandu on the 2nd/3rd of Sep, currently in Kashmir after trekking in Ladakh, India. Keen to possibly join your trip if suits, thanks,

  3. Hi to all,

    I will arrive Kathmandu on the 4th,I have a friend joining me,looking to try the same trek as you,don’t know if we want to fly to lukla or start at Jiri\Shavalaya.

  4. Hey Lousie & Ashley!
    My husband Jordan and I are currently in Kathmandu are are looking to start the Three passes early September, possibly from Jiri also.
    Do you plan to use a guide for the three passes?