Three Passes Trek

Hey, I’m planning on doing a 33 day Three Passes Trek with the Jiri/Shivalaya walk-in starting on the 19th of November (leaving Kathmandu) and returning to Kathmandu through Lukla on the 22nd of December.

If anyone is keen to come for a walk let me know, I’ve got the time to kick it and take it a bit slower than normal but happy to work with people’s schedules if needed. If anyone’s doing any of the passes around those dates I’d be interested in knowing if only to have company (security) in crossing over Renjo la, Cho la or Kongma la.

I’ve added another traveller’s (Adrian Dmoch) youtube travel video as an example of what the trek will be like.




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  1. Hey this trek looks awesome but how flexible are you with the dates? I plan on leaving sydney (Australia) in the morning of the 20th so departure for this hike would be good for me on the 21st. If that works for you that would be fantastic. Honestly I am so keen for this hike. I have been planning to go to Nepal for a while but I have lacked direction I am happy to do the whole trek with you if that works :).

    • Hi! I am flexible enough for that. I will be doing Annapurna Circuit on the same trip so a couple extra relax days in Kathmandu would probably help a lot.

      How many days do you have to do the trek? I have read people do the Jiri-Three Passes in as few as 24 (+2) days, though I am thinking of upwards of 30. I feel like taking it a bit slow, acclimating better, exploring more, etc. However, I’m really keen to have someone to come along with me as I don’t know if there will be people to cross the passes with, and I’d rather not get stuck there on my own.

      Hit me back with a message and we can sort it out better. Cheers.

  2. I have plenty of time. I’m intending on going over for 2 months (give or take a week) and heading to Bhutan sometime after this trek.

    • Awesome, the 21st works for me, I’d plan on KTM to KTM through Jiri-Everest from Nov. 21st – Dec. 24th, 33 days.

      If you’re landing on the 20th we can meet in either Thamel or near the Jiri bus on the 21st Nov. If you’ve got Facebook private message me your details so we can both know who we’re dealing with, then we can sort the details easier from there. Otherwise just Private Message me on here and we’ll exchange email or just sort it out from there. I’m definitely keen for this hike so if it can work out then that’d be great!

  3. Hey, I am thinking on doing the same trek as you guys. I have plenty of time so I think not rushing it is a good idea. I arrive to Katmandú on the 16th of November so leaving on the 21st would be perfect for me. I see these messages were written a while ago, are you still keen on doing the walk? Cheers!

  4. Hi guys,
    I’m coming to katmandu around the 15th and I’m interested in doing the same circuit (EBC + gokyo) My dates are flexible so If there is still places to join, I would gladly join.