Three Passes Trek

we are planning on doing the Three Passes trek with a flexible start around the 26th of September(we will be in Kathmandu from the 24th on). Regarding the new guide requirements in Nepal, as it looks right now, you don’t need a guide for Everest Region and we want to do it independently. We are two young budget travellers with mountain trekking experience, but will not go in a strenuous pace. Our plan is to skip Everest Base Camp on the route, as it is supposed to be overcrowded and not as fascinating as the other parts of the trek. We try to avoid flying on our trip and would like to arrange a shared vehicle from Kathmandu to Lukla, which is also cheaper than the flight.
We would love if you want to join!
Lea and Jonathan



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  1. Hey jonathan!

    Bin schon seit drei Wochen in Pokhara am arbeiten/studieren und plane gerade meinen Urlaub danach. Ich bin von Ende September frei und habe meinen Rückflug von Kathmandu am 26.10.
    Plane ein Trekking (u.a das Three Passes Trekking), weiss aber nicht genau wie und wann und on solo/mit guide/mit gruppe.

    Bisschen was zu mir: ich bin 26, komme aus der Schweiz und bin jede freie minute in den Bergen (bin also fit und kann gut den ganzen Tag trekken) 🙂

    Let me know was eure pläne & vorstellungen, ideen etc sind 🙂

    Cheers Meli

  2. I’d be interested in joining do you have WhatsApp or something?

    I also want to skip the flight, but I was thinking of starting in Salleri instead of Lukla. I think it allows for a couple extra days of acclimatization.

    I just arrived in Kathmandu, but have no gear yet.