Three Passes Trek

I’m looking for a partner to do the 3 Passes Trek with starting early November. Looking to start in Lukla and do side trips to EBC, Kala Platthar and Goyko Ri plus a few shorter ones on acclimatization days.

I’m an experienced hiker and rookie photographer from New Zealand. I do alot of hiking and trail running so am reasonably fit. I’m looking to do the walk independently staying in tea houses.

Let me know if you are planning on treking around then 🙂

New Zealand


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  1. Hello Sarah,hope you doing well? I & jerusha ( female from south africa) have planned for a trip to EBC with the three passes trek. We are going to start our trip from 25th October from jiri & we will be reaching lukla on 1st nov. We have a guide in place. If you are interested to join you can join us in lukla on 1st nov. It will be nice to have you on board. Can mail you the detail itinerary.

  2. Hi Sarah, I’m a Kiwi too. I’m doing Three Passes anti-clockwise starting on the 30th October. Planning to finish on the 16th of November. Crossing the first pass Kongma La on day 9. Have planned a 2 extra days at Gokyo to do the 5th/6th lakes and a rest day/contingency day.

    I’m pretty locked in with starting and finishing dates but might see you out there 🙂

  3. Hi Sarah

    I am planning to start Three Passe Trek anticlockwise from Lukla on 8 November, and hope to complete the trek by the the 25th Nov.

    This is my first trek in Nepal, but I have hiked in New Zealand and Europe for a number of years. It would be great to have the reassurance of a trekking partner just in case !

    Might see you out there.

  4. Sorry typo error…

    I am planning to trek Clockwise not Anticlockwise….

    I think I know where I am going!!!

    • Hi Ian,

      I am looking to start the trek around 1-3 of November as I finish another trek on the 28th. I’ll be going anticlickwise so I’m sure we will cross paths!

  5. Hi Sarah..

    Thanks for your reply.

    Have a fantastic adventure and see you somewhere along the trek!

    Have fun


  6. Hi Sarah – am from Miami, USA and do alot of hiking with my family (pictured). Am going solo to Nepal and planning a Three Passes trek starting am Thu Nov 3 with flight to Lukla. Have to be back in Kathmandu by Nov 20 but basically looking to do exactly what you are doing. anyway to contact you direct?

    • Hi Avi, sorry for the late reply I was on another trek. I ended up flying to Lukla today so will be a few days ahead of you but I’m planning on doing some of the side trips so you might catch up at some point 🙂

  7. Hey Sarah!

    I’m hoping to do this trek as well, but don’t arrive in Kathmandu until November 5th (and will need a couple days to get some gear, permits, etc.). If you don’t start the trek at the very beginning of November, let me know if you’re interested in potentially doing it together.