Nepal Everest Three Passes Trek


I am looking for trekking partners for the Everest 3 Passes Trek. I am a 27 year old male from the United States. Big hiker/backpacker and have always dreamed of visiting the Himalayas and Nepal. Looking for friendly and adventurous people to join me on an awesome experience!

Dates: I plan to fly into Kathmandu in Late March and stay in Nepal for around 2 months. Start date is pretty flexible, I have yet to buy any tickets.
Duration: It seems like around 20 days would be a good target, although we may end up getting done sooner. I have backpacking experience at altitudes up to ~3,500 meters so am familiar with high-mileage days, altitude sickness, etc. I am athletic and am happy to move at a moderate to fast pace, but dont want to be sprinting through the trails. Extra time would be for possible side trek’s if there are trail offshoots that are worthwhile.
Guide & Support: I am open to using a guide if it makes sense. I like the idea of spending time with someone local to the country to hear more about the culture and history of the area. Would prefer to carry my own equipment so no porters.
Group: It is just me at this point. Happy to have a group of a moderate size, as long as we all agree on a good pace for the trek.
Meeting point: Im open to meeting either in Kathmandu or Lukla.

Outside of the trek, I dont have many obligations. I am interested in spending at least a day or two in Lukla either before or after the trek just to see the area, although that will likely not have much of an impact on the itinerary. Overall things are very flexible for me so feel free to shoot me a message if you are looking for something similar and lets see if we can make something work!

– David



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  1. Hi David,

    my name is Katrin and I am also planning to do the Three Passes Trek in April 🙂 I am 29 years old and usually working as a psychologist but doing a gap year at the moment.

    4 years ago I’ve hiked the Annapurna Circuit without a guide or a porter and it was quite manageable. However, I am always open to meet and support local people! As you say – if it makes sense – I am open to have a guide – but probably I would not need one for the whole trek. I loved the time in Nepal and I was always sure I’d be back one day.

    I haven’t bought any flight tickets yet but so far my idea is to fly to Kathmandu the end of march. until then I am working as a skiing instructor in Austria 🙂

    Maybe it will work out and we can meet in Kathmandu or get in touch before to check if our plans match. Katrin

  2. Hey guys, my name is Bart and I’ve got a flexible return ticket booked, currently from end March until end of April.
    Let’s keep in contact, I’m still looking into what treks I’d like to do (it will be my third time in Nepal), but the Three Passes trek is one of the options. 🙂

  3. Hey guys. Im chandan from india. Planning to do the 3pass trek from 2nd April (reaching Kathmandu) and flying back on 20th. Am connected with a guide and porter and looking for more trekkers to join.