Three Passes Trek

Hi fellow travellers,

I got an 18-day trip planned for the end of March (28th/29th). I’ll be doing it with with a local agency I used 5 years ago for the Manaslu/Tsum. It won’t be a super low budget trip due to the fact that having an experienced guide. Probably comes to USD 1800 in total for guide, accommodation, flight to Lukla, sleeping bag rental (comfort -10° celsius) and food/drinks. Agency is USD 920 for a half package (guide, accommodation, permits…although price should come down when guide costs are shared), return flight to Lukla around USD 360, food and drinks roughly USD 500 (really depends on yourself, I’m German, so like to have a beer from time to time).
No prepayment necessary, trip is confirmed. So far, it’s only me as a friend wasn’t able to come along.

I’ve done quite some trekking throughout my 34 years of age in i.e. New Zealand, Austria, Canada and Nepal as mentioned above. I’ve lived abroad for a couple of years and am pretty open minded.
I don’t mind doing the trip on my own as I know the guide from my last trip, but would prefer another cool soul to come along.

Shoot me a message if you’d like to come along or got any questions! I don’t care if male or female, same with age. You should be experienced enough for a demanding trip though, even if a guide comes along.
By the way, I’ll be landing in KTM March 25th and need to know if someone else is coming along one week before the trip due to the Lukla flight.



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