Three Passes Trek

*edited to Phalpu leaving March 21st (Jeep from Kathmandu)*

Hey fellow travellers!
I plan to do the Three Passes Trek in spring without a guide, taking a jeep to Phalpu on March 21st. I have trekked the Annapurna Circuit independently some years ago and wanted to come back for 3 passes ever since.
Who wants to join?



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  1. Hi 🙂 When are you going to return to Kathmandu after trek?
    I also looking for partners for this trek, but would like to start from Lukla around 22nd of March

  2. I was thinking about staying in the area for about 3 weeks to have a little bit of extra time for side trips. I cannot say yet, if I could make an earlier start date, but I might.

  3. Hi Gregor, do you plan to spend some time in or around Kathmandu? I am looking to leave Kathmandu for the trek around 30th March.

    • Hi DInesh, sorry for the late reply. Unfortunately, that is to late for me to leave because i would miss my flight home. Have a great trek!

  4. Hello I have also plan to do the three passes trek, but i would rather prefer to start from Phalpu (2-3 days from Lukla, but much cheaper travel via bus or 4×4 from KTM). I will arrive to KTM on 22 march evening, and i can start advendure on 24 march hope to meet You all in KTM or on a trail!

    • Hi Aleksander, please excuse my late reply. I did look into Phalpu and considering acclimatization it seems perfect to start there, but I need to leave earlier to have some extra days at the end – just in case, so i am looking at the 21st. Hope to meet you on the trail somewhere.

  5. Hi all, I would like to do the Three Passes trek without a guide and starting from Phalpu. I arrive in Kathmandu on March 20 and am flexible on timing and finish date.

    • Hi Mike, would you be okay to take a jeep on the 21st? I like the idea of Phalpu, but I want to go as early as possible to have some days at the end – just in case.

  6. Just want to say hello! I think I will start my trek in Lukla on the 22 or 23 of March, perhaps I will see you on the trail! My itinerary is loose. I will be hiking independently but will love to meet some other people and not be hiking solo over passes. Hope you have an amazing trip!