Three Passes Trek

Hey guys,

this is Jasper from Germany. 🙂 As I have already been in the peruvian Andes, now I would like to explore the Everest Region! Through several treks in Peru, I am quite experienced with high altitude hiking and as I am a long distance runner, I prefer to walk in a moderate/little faster than average pace.
I’m currently planning to do the Three Passes Trek but I’m still flexible and open for suggestions! Staying in tea houses for sure.
I prefer to walk without guide, as it’s simply cheaper and the pathes should not be too difficult to follow. But once more: I am open for changes, if you want us to share a porter or a guide. But the main thing is, that I prefer not to walk totally of my own. Concering a departure date, I am still also flexible (+-5 days). So if you want to join, don’t hesitate, I would be glad! 🙂




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  1. Hallo Jasper

    Da du ja von Deutschland bist dachte ich mir ich schreibe doch gleich auf Deutsch 🙂
    Ich habe mich heute entschieden dass ich den 3 Passes Trek machen möchte und werde jedoch erst am 18 Februar in Kathmandu ankommen ich weiss ist sehr weit von deinem Datum weg, ich versuchs einfach mal. Auch habe ich keine Erfahrung mit einer Höhe über 4300m.
    Durch Hochtouren und Skitouren und Klettern würde ich sagen fit bin ich.
    Grüässli us dä Schwiiz


  2. Hey Jasper,

    I am Faisal.
    Originally I am from Pakistan but now I am working in UK as a junior doctor. I have got a month off from work and planned for EBC trek.
    I don’t want to do basic EBC trek, rather I’d prefer three passes trek.
    1) I am not physically that much strong as you are. I walk slow but with persistence.
    2)Hopefully I can join you on 5th in Kathmandu.
    3)I was planning to pay a guide, but if you know the routes for three passes and you have made proper plan, then I’d prefer not to hire a guide.

    Please let me know what do you think about that.