Three Passes Trek

Hi everybody!

I’m looking for sombody who wants to share part of the three passes trek (ot the entire trek) with me.

I will arrive in Kathmandu the 19th in the morning and I plan to start trekking from Jiri or Shivalaya, taking the express bus the 20th or at latest the 21st in the morning.
I should be in Namche the 26th or the 27th.

I plan to trek at a moderate/good pace.

If I have enough time I would also trek back to Jiri, otherwise fly back to Lukla. I should be back in Lukla around the 13th-14th of May.

Anyway I’m flexible for some changes.

Anybody wants to join?



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  1. Hi Matteo,

    I’m also planning to do this trip, quite at the same time. Arriving in ktm april 16 but meeting with some friends, so starting april 20 might be pretty good for me (also going by bus and leaving by plane is pretty much what i was planning..;))

    My experience is not extreme – I’m no climber! But I like to hike, was the whole winter spending in the snow and consider myself as quite fit.. But I was also thinking of the one or other day to acclimate..

    I’ve seen that you replied to lionel (?).. Did you already arrange something with him?

    Just want to hear what your plans are by now and if going together would maybe be a option for you?!


    • Dear Lukas,

      It’s great to hear from you. I haven’t received any answer from anybody so far, so my plans are still unchanged.

      It would be great if we could share the trekking.

      May be, I’ll contact you on your private e-mail so we can arrange a meeting.



  2. Hey Matteo,
    I’m also going to do the Three Passes Trek, starting from Shivalaya. I originally planned starting the trek during the next days. But I got a little bit ill and postponed it to April 21st. I’ve a lot trekking experience in the European Alps but I’ve never trekked here in Nepal. I’m quite flexible in time and plans.
    Would be great to get in contact.