Three Passes Trek

Hi all,

my name is Kai, 29, from Germany. I’m not a hiking expert but have done quite a lot of challenging hikes over the years when backpacking in countries like Canada, Nicaragua, Korea, New Zealand, you name it 😉 Fitness level that of a young man that enjoys a little hike here and there.

My travel focus so far was always southeast Asia, and visited Thailand, Laos, Kambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Philippines, and Myanmar and spend at least 3 weeks in each country. Thailand I even ended up living for a year, working for a startup.

Thus, when now traveling in Nepal, I want to do the most rewarding hike, but however, not following a guided tour. I’m somehow always a bit suspicious about those and rather find a few peers I can relate with compared to a wildly mixed group.

I’m a fun easygoing guy and definitely enjoy a group of people for the fun, but also enjoying the beauty of nature together. I like to spend the evenings in the huts with some card games and chats rather then going to sleep at 4 pm.

Currently, I am still a bit flexible with dates, since I did not book my final fligt yet. However, I am planning from being around 20.10 – 21.11. in the country, so a good month of hiking and traveling.

write to me if you are interested in teaming up! Excited to hear from you!



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  1. Hi Kay,
    I have booked my flights on 25/10 and return on 10/11.
    If you can/want, we can team-up for the hike.
    I am flexible in terms of pace and route.
    Also, funny guy, with some experience in high altitude.

  2. we can do this together!

    • Great, then let’s start organizing things.
      My email is