Three Passes Trek

I’m planning on doing the Three Passes Trek starting on 5 April (with a little flexibility – could potentially start either the 4th or 6th). I’m traveling solo and want to go without a guide/porter, and it’d be great to have company for the trek. I’d like to do it in the range of 16-18 trekking days, and am open to going either clockwise or counterclockwise because I’m not clear on if one direction is better and why.

Anyone else with a similar schedule and interests who wants to join?




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  1. Hi Justin,

    I will be arriving in KTM April 3rd and hoping to leave for my trek a day or two after that. I haven’t decided which trek I’ll be doing yet, but I’ve been looking up information on the Three Passes trek since it seems to offer a bit more challenge, less crowds, and great views.

    I’m guessing, since you listed your range as 16-18 days, that you’ll be flying in and out of Lukla? Is there any chance you’d be interested in riding the bus from KTM-Jiri, and then hiking to Namche from there (adds 6-8 days to total). I was then planning on flying from Lukla-KTM at the end of the trip. This would put the total circuit from Kathmandu at around 28 days.

    Not planning on hiring a porter but if I’m part of a group I don’t mind sharing the cost of a guide who would accompany starting in Lukla/Namche. I’ve read that navigating across some of the glaciers it can be difficult to find the right path, and the last thing I want to do is be wandering around at high altitude as the sun goes down!

    • Hi Joe,

      Unfortunately I wouldn’t be able to trek from Jiri because of my schedule – I don’t have time to make it a 28 day trek as I need to be back in Kathmandu by the 23rd/24th at the latest.

      I totally agree that we don’t want to get lost and I’m not opposed to hiring a guide as part of a group, if the paths across the glaciers are really that difficult to navigate. For most of the trek the route sounds very straightforward, and from what I’ve read the answer hasn’t been clear as to just how difficult the glacier paths are.

      If you’re open to flying in and out of Lukla, then it’d be great to discuss more and hopefully create a group. I also arrive in Kathmandu on the 3rd. If not, no worries and enjoy your trek!


  2. Hi Justin,
    I’m in Kathmandu and ready to go from Mon/Tue.
    If you’d like to plan and trek together please pm.