Three Passes Trek

Hello my name is Jayden, I’m a 23 year old from Scotland. I’m looking for like minded people to join me on the Three Passes Trek in the Everest region at the start of October/Mid October (I’m Flexible) . Instead of flying to Lukla I would like to start the trek in Jiri and get there via bus from Kathmandu to save as much money as possible.

Furthermore I also want to do the trek independently without a guide, this shouldn’t be a problem with a map and a little research beforehand. I’m a sociable person who enjoys sharing travel stories, having meaningful conversations and joking around (It makes the exhaustion more bearable haha). Exploring the Everest region has being a dream of mine for a long time and sharing that with new friends will be priceless experience.

Like I said i’m quite flexible so if you suggest dates below i’m sure we will work something out.



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  1. Hi Jayden! I am 25 years old and from Canada. I am also looking for a trekking partner for the Three Passes Trek. I have a flight into Kathmandu in the evening of September 30th but I am in no rush to get started on the trek right away since I will need to get some supplies beforehand and wouldn’t mind exploring the city.

    Just like you, I am looking to do the trek independently and save as much money as possible. You seem like you would be a great fit for a trekking pal!
    I am also quite flexible with everything, let me know if you are interested!

    • Hey Guys
      60 year old Lou Hibbard from USA here. Also doing 3 passes independently. Looking to hike in from Jiri – to get acclimatized better.
      I’m flying standby to save money ( my wife works for Delta) but plan on start of early October.
      An old fart may scare you off but I just climbed Mount Stimson in Glacier Park Montana solo. 49 miles with 2000 feet of 3rd/4th class at the end. Very experienced all around climber. Have summited Denali and many other mountains and been climbing 25+ years.

      Would be interested in sharing trip planning thoughts – best way to stay on route. Any app/approach you think will work best? My only real concern is staying on route on the passes.
      Hopefully we can team up.
      I plan on being very flexible – I am retired and have no set schedule. I just love the mountains.

  2. Hello Lou, thanks for the response!

    Ahh don’t worry Lou i’m not dissuaded by your age. Wow!! you are impressively experienced… a man of your experience would definitely make a perfect trekking partner and a major asset on the trial.

    In terms of navigation, for what I’ve read the trail is well marked throughout the trek also October is peak trekking season so there will be other people around to ask. Paper maps seem the best form of navigation and in worst case scenario the use of phone GPS can be used.

    I haven’t booked my flights as of yet but I’m planning to be in Kathmandu around the 12th of October so if that coincides with your dates then perfect!

  3. Hello,
    I am looking for trekking buddies in Nepal as well for Oct/Nov. My trekking partner had to drop out and since I prefer to trek without a guide or porter I am looking for other trekkers to join me. I did the Annapurna Circuit independently many years ago and met other hikers to trek with and enjoyed the freedom of doing it on my own. I’m planning to get a 3 month visa for Nepal so in between treks I would also like to explore Nepal. I’m a budget traveller as well

  4. Hello again
    Well I finish my shots Sept. 24 and will probably leave for the trip that same day. Since I fly standby I want to leave a little earlier before peak season to make sure I get a seat. I also checked and many guided trips for 3 passes leave starting even early September so walking from Jiri I don’t think I’ll be that early.
    I also looked more into navigation and for the passes I think it would be a very good idea to have the GPS coordinates of the pass pre-programmed into a GPS or phone and know how to use it to guide you to the pass. I read 2 trip reports for Kongma La where people went the wrong way.
    As to walk from Jiri perhaps best to ask locals the way if confused.
    I’ll check in when I get to Nepal.

    • Hey Lou, I’m not discouraged about your age at all and in fact think your experience would be a great asset to my trek! I am currently talking to someone else but i’m not sure if it will work out. Around what date ideally do you think you would begin your trek do you know?

  5. Hi you all,

    I just booked my flight to Kathmandu for 9th October and I am glad that you guys want to trek the 3 passes independently, too. Hopefully I can meet you guys somewhere if the Timing is ok.


    • Hi Hani,
      I am 28 and from Germany, i have alpine experience and i am flying into Kathmandu the same day as you. I plan to do a longer trek as well.
      What are your plans? maybe we can connect and trek together.

  6. Hi Jayden, 33 year old from london here looking to do the three passes on the exact same date as you, i believe. 12 of October i hope to be i Kathmandu but ive heard that i need to get a flight to luklu from ramechhap. im planning do this without a guide and idealy want a partner for the passes just in case.
    i still need to book everything so get back to me as soon as you can if you want to team up. cheers. Kal

    • i just read your again that your hiking from jiri. i could still meet up with you depending on where you will be on the trail.
      let me know pal.

    • Hello Kal. Yes I will be starting from Jiri, which should take 4/3 days to trek to Lukla. The reason to do so is that it will save £250+ plus I read that It provides the perfect opportunity to acclimatise.

      I also still need to book flights but I do plan to be in Kathmandu around the 12th!

    • yea i hear that mate. you do save a bit of money that way. I’m a little bit shorter on time so will have to fly.
      I don’t suppose you could leave a little earlier and i meet you in Lukla on the 13th? (I’m not flexible on dates, due to work)

    • I will try too, I will update you as soon as I book my flights!

    • Hello Kal, I just booked my flight and I will be arriving in Nepal on the 12th.

      I just read online that one can start the trek from a town called Phaplu and then trek to Lukla from there, which should take 3 days. This skims a few days compared to starting in Jiri. So I would most likely be in Lukla around 15/16th

  7. Hello Kal. Yes I will be starting from Jiri, which should take 4/3 days to trek to Lukla. The reason to do so is that it will save £250+ plus I read that It provides the perfect opportunity to acclimatise.

    I also still need to book flights but I do plan to be in Kathmandu around the 12th!

  8. Hi Jayden!

    I’m French, 28, living in Singapore. Trekked Langtang Valley solo last year.

    I’m landing on the 13th Oct in Kathmandu, and also plan to trek solo + avoid the flight. I’m not sure yet if I’m just doing EBC, EBC + Gokyo, or the Three Passes (would require a bit more equipment I presume).
    I was thinking of starting from Phaplu/Salleri actually. I think the Jiri trek meetups around Nunthala.
    Also, in your last message you say it would take 4/3 days to trek to Lukla from Jiri. Online it says 8 days ^^ (minus 1 for the bus, minus 2 if you push it).
    On my own I have a rather fast pace, but would definitely like to do with another like minded person this time 🙂

    Let me know!

  9. Hi there!
    Valerio here, 39yo Italian living in Bangkok.
    I’m flying to Kathmandu tomorrow and also planning to do the 3 passes independently and without a guide, but I planned to fly to Lukla instead of starting from Jiri.
    Planned to start my trek around October 13th or 14th, would be awesome to catch up with some of you guys – I don’t mind trekking solo (although good company is always great while on the trail!) but I would really prefer to do the passes in company.

    Just bumped into this website, so I thought I’d give it a shot 🙂