Three Passes Trek

I an a 25 year old canadian and am planning on trekking the 3 passes trek. I would like to do it on a fairly low budget and without a guide. Since I am alone I would like to find a few people to join me on my adventure! I fly into Kathmandu September 30th and would like to start the trek a few days after that, but I am open for any day after October 2nd/3rd. As I am in no rush I would like to take my time when trekking while enjoying the nature and views. I am also open to any suggestions regarding getting to Lukla or anything about the trek!

If there are a few people who wanted to join I would be open to hiring a guide as well if that was something that was interested!

Let me know if you would like to join, I am open to other individuals and groups of all sizes!



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  1. Hello Zach,
    How are you ? I am looking for trekking buddies in Nepal as well for Oct/Nov. My trekking partner had to drop out and since I prefer to trek without a guide or porter I am looking for other trekkers to join me. I did the Annapurna Circuit independently many years ago and met other hikers to trek with and enjoyed the freedom of doing it on my own. I’m planning to get a 3 month visa for Nepal so in between treks I would also like to explore Nepal. I’m a budget traveller as well

    • Hey there Deirdre!
      When are you getting into Kathmandu? I am currently in contact with another person about potentially joining him early October for the Three Pass Trek but happy to do it with 2 or 3 people if it works well timewise. Since i get into Nepal at night on the last day of September i think the first week of October of best for me.
      Let me know if that could work for you!

  2. Hi Zach, I’m a solo traveller from the Netherlands and arrive 28th September in Kathmandu. I would also like to do the The 3 passes trek, so if it is still possible to join you?

    • Zach, I’m also a solo traveler from India, currently working in US. I am arriving in Kathmandu on Sept 29 and will start 3 pass trek from Sept 30. Let me know if you are interested to join me.

  3. Hi Zach,

    I’ll be in Kathmandu around 10th October and will head to the 3 passes shortly afterwards. If the Timing is ok, Maybe we could join together.


  4. Hey Zach! I’m also planning on doing the Three Passes Trek but I don’t arrive in Kathmandu until the 14th which I realise might be too late for you… but if it isn’t then give me a shout and maybe we could become trekking buddies!