Three Passes Trek

Hi. I want to run 3 Passes. I’m told it can be done 12 days, possibly a week if we’re quick about it. I am in no rush, but I do want to be running, not walking. So plan for 12, maybe do it in less time. Ideally sometime between September and November. Looking for experienced runners to join me, and advice from anyone who has run it (or even AC) before.

Can anyone advise on the following:
1. What should I pack (given that I am running, so I need to pack light)?
Also, can you recommend a good running hydration vest or pack for 12 days of running? Perhaps something from Solamon, or similar?
2. Which villages should I sleep in (given that I am running, so doing longer distances than trekkers, especially when descending. Also, I am not packing a sleeping bag)
3. Budget per day (I was on 20usd/day when I trekked AC)

South Africa


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