Three Passes Trek

I have a three week period available for trekking or mountaineering in Nepal. I plan to fly into Katmandu on May 1 and fly out on May 21. If plans do not change, I will hike the 3 passes trek. I am open to other treks or mountaineering objectives.

I have previously hiked the Annapurna circuit + base camp trek solo (during the 2014 snowstorm disaster!). I have worldwide expedition, mountaineering, and climbing experience. I also have wilderness first responder training.

If you are interested in joining, please send me some information about your relevant skills, experience, and objectives.


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  1. Dear Karl,

    I’ll be arriving in Kathmandu the 19 th of April, and I plan to take a bus to Jiri or Shivala the 20th or the 21st.

    If you plan to fly to Lukla, we might meet in Namche, if you feel like.

    I already booked my flight back the 16th of May from Kathmandu.

    It will be my first time in Nepal, but I have mountaineering experience, and long trek experience and I’m quite fit.

    Let me know.

    • Matteo,

      I have had to move my trip back by a few days (now expecting to. Arrive on May 1 and leave on May 21, so the timing may not work out with your schedule.


  2. Karl,

    From Colorado, rock climber, moderate mountaineer and US Army Vet 7 yrs. Currently in Katmandu looking for partners, and collecting information. Im very interested in joining you.
    FB: Thomas Briggs (pic is superman pose while scuba)

  3. Hi Karl I will be starting tomorrow as well. Are you flying to Lukla tomorrow? I’m not sure I will go super fast all the time, I have trekking and altitude experience but not mountaineering or climbing like you. I would like to take a few extra days so as to be safe with acclimitisation and fatigue. Let me know your thoughts. I’m 34 and from new Zealand. Cheers 🙂