Three Passes Trek

Hi, I’m planning on doing the three passes trek.
I arrive in Kathmandu on 14th and plan to fly to Lukla morning of the 16th and set off from there in a anti clockwise direction. I want to do it without a guide but with partners. I trek a lot in Scotland and am decent fitness.



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  1. Gordon! Have you found some partners yet? I have simulair plans but maybe want to include a bus ride to Shivalaya and walk 6
    Extra days trough some nepali towns no crouds amazing forest. Hope to hear from you!


  2. Hi Jeff, no I haven’t yet.
    Are you planning on setting off the same day?

  3. From Lukla

    • Hi Gordon.. I actualy plan to not take the plane to Lukla but taking a bus from KTM to Jiri and start the trek from there.