Three Passes Trek

Hi Everyone!

I am planning to do the entire 3 Passes Route *including* the walk from Jiri (adds an extra 5-7 days to the regular trek), departing Kathmandu on Nov. 30 or Dec. 1- *EDIT: DEC. 15, SEE BELOW*. I am flexible on these dates if we need an extra day in KTM to get some gear.

This will be my first trek in Nepal but I am not new to trekking (I have backcountry-trekked in Alaska, California, Utah, and Israel.) My hope is to really get the full experience, and I am not pressured for time, hence why I would like to hike from Jiri, and am definitely planning on adequate rest days/day hikes and am open to all ideas of side-trips along the route. Planning on flying back out of Lukla at the end.

I plan to hike independently and I am not looking to hire a porter, and would consider hiring a guide just for the passes if we deem it to be a little risky. Otherwise my budget is mid-tier, I do not splurge a ton but am definitely not frugal! Just out there to simply have some fun, maybe a celebratory beer after a hard day 🙂

Pace is medium/sometimes fast but I have no idea how I will be in high altitudes, and definitely don’t mind going a bit slower to take it all in. With a good amount of acclimatization days, I foresee a smooth trip with not many altitude problems.

Overall, I am flexible, easy-going, and excited to go on this adventure!

EDIT: Spontaneous change due to Nepali wedding invitation, will be looking to start from Jiri or Salleri/Phaplu on Dec 15!



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  1. I’m going to be getting into Nepal around the 27th of November and am also wanting to do the three passes trek. I’m very flexible with my dates as I’ve quit my job and will be traveling for a year so I am on somewhat of a frugal budget. However trekking in Nepal has been a dream of mine so I also really want to get the full experience. I can keep any pace, fine with going slow and can go as fast as needed. Although I’m wanting to do some trail running here and there.

    This is also my first trek but I live in Washington state and am no stranger to the mountains and backpacking trips.

    • Hi Cody!

      Sounds really great. Budgeting, I’m not worried about as long as we don’t need to hire a porter or guide (maybe guide just for passes.) Trail running I won’t be doing, but you’re more than welcome to do whatever you like. I won’t keep anyone from running 🙂

      I’ll be back in KTM after volunteering on Nov 28, give a day or two to buy bus tickets/rent needed gear, etc. So I’m aiming for Dec. 1. Let’s be in touch!

  2. How to avoid the GCAP fee: Jiri direction Shivalaya. Turn off at Mali to Doban. There the (suspension?) Bridge over Khimto Khola (which is a bridge rather than Shivilaya) and with a wide arc south of Shivalaya to Deurali (via Bigu). Saves each of you at least 3000 Nrs (one way) and a middle F to the……you know! Have a great tour

  3. Hi Cody/Idan – Interested in walking with the pair of you if you are still walking together. I’m in Kathmandu currently and am free from 26th November. Would be good to hear from you. Tim

  4. PS Am older than you young things but reasonably fit and up for most things.

  5. Hey,

    I’m also interested in doing the Three Passes Trek, at the same exact time. Funny you’re going to a wedding — me too! My friend Prakhyat is getting married (that’s why I’m heading to Nepal in the first place) and his wedding ends on the 13th.

    I’ve done Manaslu and Langtang in the past, and know a little bit of Nepali. I’d like to go at a reasonably fast pace, packing light yet enough warm clothes. I was thinking about doing it solo, but some of the passes make me think a group might be a safer idea.

    Let me know what your plans are!