Three Passes Trek


I have 30+ years of experience backpacking and travelling to the places listed in my bio. I’m traveling to Nepal, October 22 to December, 2018, and planning to do the Three Passes Trek in the Everest region, flying into Lukla on October 27.

I’m planning to do this trek without a guide/porter, although may consider hiring by the day (if available) when crossing the passes, particularly Cho La.

I’ve heard there are many solo trekkers on the Three Passes route, and would enjoy connecting with fellow trekkers to travel together.

After completing the Three Passes Trek around November 18, I’ll still have 2+ more weeks in Nepal and interested in other adventures, including possible other treks, cultural travel, volunteerism, or rafting.

Ed Self



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  1. Hi ED,
    I am planing to trek EBC on November (02.11.2018) without a guide/porter & it will be a very budget trip.

    If your schedule match with me, I love to be trekking partner & it will be great pleasure for me.

  2. Hello Ed, I’m flying to Katmandu on the 25th, would love to join you in trekking the 3 passes but dunno how long in would take to get all the stuff ready in Katmandu. I have been trekking a lot in the past but never a trek this long and high to would be nice to have company.

  3. G’day James
    I’m flying to Lukla on 25 October and planning on doing Three Passes trek plus EBC and associated side trips and hiking peaks over 3-4 weeks or so, independently, with a fairly flexible itinerary. Like you, I was considering seeking a guide for one or other of the passes along the way if it seemed necessary for route-finding. Sounds like I will be a couple of days ahead of you but you might catch up so there is a chance we could join forces at some point, possibly even for Kongma La?

  4. sorry – that post was for Ed!