Gokyo Lakes Trek

hi, I am Tomer,
I am planning to do the gokyo trek independently.
I am arriving to Kathmandu at September 7, planning to fly on the 8th to Lukla and start the trek.
my flight back is at the 25th, so I must get the flight back before the 24. so I have 16 days, planning to do it in 14

2 years ago Iv’e done the complete Annapurna circuit.
I’m not in a “great shape” and climbing is difficult for me but I enjoy it.

p.s – Iv’e learn my lesson and buy good gear – I advise you do do the same if you are carring it yourself.
so let me know if you would like to join



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  1. היי,
    אני גם אמורה להגיע בתאריכים האלה, אבל אני רוצה לעשות את זה עם מדריך.
    דרך איפה את טס? אפשר אולי לטוס ביחד (עדיין לא סגרתי טיסות)

  2. I am flying by air india, at 6/9. arriving Kathmandu at September 7 via Delhi.
    my flight back is at 25, again via Delhi.

    Are you going for the Gokyo Lakes Trek/EBC/3 passes ?

    If I remember correctly the flight with airindia are expensive now. at least at my dates.