Three Passes Trek

Hello fellow adventurers, I was originally going to do this walk around Sept. but I thought I will brave it and do it in October..yeah, HIGH SEASON. so I am looking for co-conspirator/s to do this trek. Ive done a bit of walking around the Himalaya but not the 3 pass loop, a lot in New Zealand and a bit in Nth America. I am easy going, flexible, nature lover and passionate about hiking. I have plenty of time and will be arriving in Nepal around first week of September.

New Zealand


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  1. Hi Marife, I’m Logesh from India.. i too want to do three passes trek, but am thinking of doing it in early Sept, so it won’t be overcrowded (trying to avoid high season :)).. Have a few prior trekking experience, but first one all-out solo and longer than a week, so would love to have company. If interested, we could discuss in detail to know if it works out.

    • Hi Logesh…I want to start end Sept beginning Oct as I will be doing other treks before then.

    • All the best for your journey

  2. Hi Marife
    I am interested in trekking first 3 weeks of October. Very experienced walker, all over Tasmania on and off track, 15 days GR 5 French alps, 8 days Pyrenees. First trip to Nepal. Flexible easy going.
    Keen photographer, buddhist

    • Hi Charles
      it would be awesome to have some experienced trekker to do the 3 passes. I have also been in contact with another person Kirk who will be doing the trek the same time. pls keep in touch . I will be in Nepal from end July on and hope to start 3 passes end Sept/beginning Oct

  3. Thats great Marife
    walking the Larapinta trail in central Australia in August, looking forward to it!
    All the best

  4. Hi guys,
    Your plans sound great. I will be arriving in Nepal around Sept 25 and have have like 5 weeks to plan freely. Would like to do the Kanchenjunga trek and/or Everest ABC. Need to be back in KTM on Nov 1 as I will join my friends to do another tek with them.
    Have hiking (+climbing) experience: have been to Nepal twice and just love everything about this country. Am open-minded, easy going gal who can’t wait to start a new adventure 🙂
    @Charles: I also replied to your Kanchenjunga trek

    Would love to hear from you

  5. Hey Marife!
    I’ll be landing in Kathmandu on the 25th of september. Looks like our schedules could match up nicely. Experienced hiker, very fit, but it will be my first time venturing out into the high Himalaya. Your experience would be invaluable! Would be great to share the experience.
    Get in touch!
    whatsapp +1 (708) 724 6874


  6. Hey Marife, I would like to do the three passes trek at the beginning of october too.. will be in KTM from wednesday on..

    I am a rahter experienced trekker as I have done treks in patagonia, iceland, NZ and switzerland..

    let me know what your final plans are and see you around 🙂

  7. Hi! Looks like your trek dates are super popular Marife!

    I am also looking to do the three passes trek the beginning of October but I have to be back in Kathmandu in the 23rd so if it’s possible for me to come along I would love it! My what’s app number is 16302723071. Let’s see if we can work something out last minute!