Three Passes Trek

Hey everyone,

I am planning to do the 3 passes trek starting some time around 26 Sept (+/- 1-2 days) + possibly a climb to a >6km peak (e.g. Island Peak or Lobuche East). From what I have heard and read, the trek can be done without a guide, but even though I am a quite fit and experienced trekker, walking in a small group would be preferable.
I’ll arrive to Kathmandu on Sept 19 and as I have to be back on Oct 20, I would like to start the trip as soon as possible, of course depending on the weather… for the trek I am planning about 20 days (incl some buffer), regardind the climb I will have to talk to a local agency, but from what I have read it should not take longer than 5-6 days.

Anyone interested? If yes, please let me know soon, so we can talk details.




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  1. Hey Nik!

    Your plans seem to fit alongside mine. I’m planning on doing the three passes and EBC solo starting roughly 25/26th September, but was wanting to add in Island Peak if there was a small group interested.

    Let me know how your plans get on and give me a shout once they’re solid.



  2. I fly back home October 20th too and three passes without guide was also my plan. I’d prefer to meet up in Kathmandu someplace and talk in person though. Let me know if you’re interested