Three Passes Trek

Hi, I’m Brian, a 30-something from the USA. I’m in Pokhara now, just finished the Annapurna Circuit, which I found to be pretty easy. And fortunately I had no AMS problems. I wrote AVERAGE pace, but I’m actually capable of walking FAST, but my comfortable pace is MEDIUM – on the Annapurna Circuit, I was one of the faster walkers.

I’d like to do Three Passes ASAP due to the season ending. Start date of May 09 is flexible by a day or two. I could meet you in Pokhara now, KTM on May 07 or 08, or Lukla around May 09. It is probably impossible for me to reach Lukla before May 08.

In terms of time, I have no time limit for the trek, as I have a 90-day visa and don’t have to go anywhere after the trek. I prefer to travel on a chill schedule. If it is raining, I might just chill for the day instead of walking for 8hr in the rain. If one of us is slightly sick, I don’t mind waiting.

It would be great to find someone to start the trek with. If we don’t get along well, it’s ok, we can separate during the trek. It’s more safe to travel with someone, so being partners at least gives us the option.

Based on costs on AC, 20USD per night, plus transport to/from Lukla should be plenty. I haven’t been drinking beer at high altitudes, but instead pounding lots of ginger tea. I eat a small breakfasts and full lunches. I’m not a morning person but am happy to skip breakfast for an early start. Traveling as a group of 2,3,4 is my preference and seems like it works well for the tea house rooms (2 beds, 3 beds, 2 x 2 beds).

I don’t snore. I am happy to walk without talking, especially after we get to know each other. I stop to take photos, but really quickly, I don’t loiter very long.

If you have strict time limits, I’m happy to start the trek with you, but I’m sure that I won’t want to maintain a relentless pace with you. I will definitely take the recommended acclimatization days and rest days; this is journey after all, not a race.




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  1. Hi – I just updated this trip, I’m flying KTM to Lukla on the 10th.