Three Passes Trek

I’m currently in Kathmandu and will be leaving for the three passes trek on approximately the 21st April.
I’m on a shoestring budget (and lukla airport sounds terrifying) so I’ll be getting the bus/Jeep to Jiri or Salleri and walking from there.
As it’s a long difficult trek I imagine it will be difficult to find someone with the same pace/route as me but it would be great to know of other trekkers on the route at a similar time, especially for the passes which I don’t want to do solo.
But I’m not against having a trekking partner/small team if it works out well 🙂
Send me a message and we can grab a coffee in ktm (or Namche if you’re flying to lukla). Cheers!



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  1. Hey Bill, check your inbox.

  2. Hey, also looking for partners for the 3 passes. Was thinking of starting in Lukla and somewhat flexible on starting dates. In KTM now and happy to meet up to see if it would work out

  3. Hey, I’ll be willing to join. Landing in KTM on the 22nd, let me know if we can catchup