Three Passes Trek

Hi! I am headed to Nepal at the start of may. I am hoping to do the 3 Passes Trek, but since it is my first time in Nepal, I am weary of going for the trek partnerless and/or unguided.

I am planning on doing the trek in about 20-21 days, with a flexible start date on the third or fourth of May.

Anyone who has interest in trekking this, or knows any good, but cheap guides, I would love to connect!!!!!!



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  1. Hey Seth. I’m Halley, 32. I get into KMD on 2nd May. Looking to do some walking.. I know almost nothing about the routes at this point but have done heaps of hiking/solo cycling, so not clueless. Can be quite funny. Looking to buddy up with someone to share guides/laughs/silence with. Happy to go for 3 weeks or so.

  2. Hey Guys, I’ll be landing in KTM on the 22nd and have mostly similar plans. Let me know if you fancy meeting up and join forces

  3. Hi Seth,
    I did this trek in April-May of 2014, starting from Jiri rather than Lukla, in order to get better acclimatization.
    You should not worry about trekking on your own in the Khumbu region. The density of teahouses is such that it makes it a piece of cake compared to most treks in the Alps or the Rockies.
    Have a nice trip.