Three Passes Trek

Kind of last minute but heading to the Everest region around Oct. 6th starting in Jiri and hiking the 3 Passes Loop with a trip to EBC and any other side trips of interest. Looking for some partners for a pretty relaxed independent hike, for about a month or so. Bringing camping equipment to keep costs down and enjoy some solitude but also interested staying in some lodges/tea houses. Currently in KTM if anyone would like to meet up.



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  1. Hey Brandon! I’m planning the same trek from Jiri around Oct 3. Planning to reach KTM by Oct 1. Hadn’t planned for the 3 passes, but, the more I read about it, the more interesting its gets! When are you leaving from KTM to Jiri?

    • Ah right on, yeah it sounds like a really nice walk. I’m probably leaving on the 28th or 29th. We can keep in contact if plans change and if not maybe see you on trail.

  2. See you on the trail, then! cheers.

  3. Hey brandon. I’m planning the exact same trip and was thinking about leaving tomorrow morning, 28th September. If you’re still looking for someone to trek with id be happy to meet up and have a chat.