Three Parallel Rivers Trek – Yunnan China

Hi, I’m looking for up to 5 other hikers to join me on a trekking trip in the Three Parallel Rivers area of Yunnan, China in mid-October. I live in Hong Kong and have hiked Sichuan (Gongga west circuit, Roc route) and Taiwan (Wu Ling range) in the past few years.

Tentative dates are Oct 11-22, 6-7 days of which will be actual trekking. We’ll cover about 20km per day. Plan is to hike the first part of the Lanping caravan route, trek along the Biluo mountain ridge northbound, then descend westbound to the Nujiang (Salween River) gorge. Medium difficulty but requires strong fitness and endurance.

Route details: Nujiang prefecture Lanping county – Yingpan township Mi Luo Yan village (2300m) – East highland hut (4000) – trek northbound along Biluo ridge – Lao Wo Mountain 4500 – Qi Cai lotus lake – Pai Di mountain – Ma Shi Di gorge – Pai Di pass – Biluo west camp site – Nujiang Gorge – Fugong – rent a van to Dali or Lijiang

For an idea of the terrain, enter coordinates 26.506660, 99.084067 (village where we start) into google map.

The above route passes through snow-capped mountains, a sub-tropical gorge, highland meadows, virgin forests, etc.

Background: The TPR area (cutting through the Nu/Salween, Mekong, and Yangtze) goes north to south for 170km and was designated by UNESCO as a World heritage site in 2003. It’s one of the world’s key biodiversity hotspots inhabited by a number of ethnic minorities. You’ll experience stunning views, come across friendly ethnic minority villagers, and if we’re lucky maybe rare wildlife and plants.

I’m currently making inquiries with a local trekking guide. We may hire porters to carry big packs but it’s more likely that we’ll do full load the entire 7 days. We each bring our personal gear sleeping bags etc, and try to pool and allocate public stuff (e.g. cooking utensils) to minimize weight. We’ll share public expenses e.g. renting vans and hiring guides.

We’ll of course watch out for one another, but by signing up you acknowledge that you will be solely responsible for your own safety and any risks arising during the journey, and that you have valid travel insurance coverage.

Hike members preferably have trekked at high altitude before. Inbox me if you are interested. Thanks.



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ServiceStill Deciding
Duration 12 days
Budget$400 per person