Thorung La Pass

Hi Mates! Someone interested to do the Thorung La pass from 6th of April (Pokhara) doing it in around 14 days (with good climatize days). I m in contact with a guide (to split), or we can do it without…



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  1. Hi Mattia. I`m thinking about trekking the annapurna circuit as well, and about the same dates. Have you found people to do the trek with already? I want to finish at least before the 20th of april. And… how fit are you? I`m a good hiker, but at the moment I am not as trained as I would want to be due to travelling. Ok, let me know!

  2. Hi, i am also looking for a group for the circuit for around these dates. I am an experienced hiker in Europe and have completed a six day trek before carrying tent and food. I am also travelling atm, so not training but am hiking fairly regularly – although in very different conditions! Flexible on dates and duration, land in kathmandu and plan to spend a month in Nepal, so happy to take time on the route to acclimatise etc. Also based on research was thinking of splitting the costs of a guide, but also could do independently with a group.

  3. Hi Liz! Nice that you also want to walk. A traveller I met tipped me a good guide, so I have a contact person if needed.

    • Hello,
      I have some experience in hiking and would be intereseted in finding trekking partners but only have 10 days to walk.
      When are you beginning your Turn? I planed to start at syange the 6th of april. Let me know if we can meet there.

  4. Hey Mattia,
    I’m really interested by your post. The dates sounds good too, let’s talk about it.
    I’m in Pokhara right now so we could meet and see if it could make it together…
    Here my WhatsApp number, please fill free to contact me directly via WhatsApp: +330769012221.
    See you

  5. Hi Mattia,

    I’m thinking of doing the same trek around similar dates. If you’re still looking for someone to join you, drop me a line and let’s talk about it.


    • Hey Adam,
      Here my whattapp number, im also planning to do this trekk soon.
      See you