Three High Passes (w/ EBC) late Oct/early Nov

Hi everyone

My name is Mathias, 21. I’m an eventurous fit hiker that will be spending 2 mounths in Nepal.

I will do the Thee high Passes hike in around 20 days hopefully with a little group (3+). I’m very flexible but hope to start the hike in late oktober starting from Kathmandu.

Let me know if anyone is up for a unforgettable tour in the Himalayan mountains.



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  1. Hi Mathias,
    I’ve just arrived in KTM today and also looking to start the Three passes trek in the next few days. Are you going to arrive earlier than the 25th? I would look to fly to Lukla and start the trek from there. Also looking to include a peak about 6000m, probably Island Peak by tagging along with a tour group from one of the agencies in KTM when I am in that area. Let me know

  2. Hi James,
    I’m in Bangkok right now but I will leave tonight for KTM. I was hoping to have a few days in KTM before I went on the trek, but if you are in hurry, then we can defiantly figure something out.
    And flying yo Lukla sounds like a good idea. The 6000m sounds interesting, do you thing that we can meet up somewhere in KTM, and talk about the trip and if we want the same thing from the trek?

    Glad to see that you are interested, Mathias.

  3. Hey guys, if you haven’t left yet, I’d be keen to join at least the first half of the trip. I’m in KTM at the moment.

    If your interested send me an email about meeting up.

    (26 yr old New Zealander)

  4. Hey Dean,
    Cool, where are you staying in KTM? I’m at Alobar1000 hostel and Mathias is arriving in tonight and staying at the same place. Maybe you can swing by tonight and we can have a chat. I’ll email as well

  5. Hi guys,
    I just arrived in KTM and am interested in trekking EBC/Gokyo/3passes, approaching via shivalaya. Any chance you have more details on your plans and are still looking for buddies? i’m hoping to head to Shivalaya in the next few days, but could likely meet in the Everest region if you are flying in via Lukla. i’m 33/F/USA, just spent a month in Ladakh and did a trek there, and i’m excited to be finally in Nepal!