The Skåneleden Trail

Hello everyone,

I’m planning to go hiking in August to the south. The idea is take route #4 of The Skåneleden Trail (

Probably I will do just half of it, as I don’t have so many vacation days left. Total distance is about 88km, starting in Ystad and ending in Brösarp.

Day 1: Ystad – Nybrostrand
Day 2: Nybrostrand – Löderups Strandbad
Day 3: Löderups Strandbad – Borrby strandbad
Day 4: Borrby strandbad – Simrishamn
Day 5: Simrishamn – Kivik
Day 6: Kivik – Brösarp (half day)

Train tickets:
Stockholm-Ystad: August 9 (Saturday): 486kr (16:21-21:58)
Brösarp-Stockholm: August 15 (Friday): 424kr (18:29-23:39)
Total price: 910kr

Is anyone interested in joining me? 🙂

This trail is really nice! Around fishing villages, long, white sandy beaches and humid beech woodlands.
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