The Great Nepal Adventure : Annapurna Circuit – 29 Dec – 8 Jan

I m 22/m first time in Nepal. Its kind of like a big adventure for me, hence the title 🙂

I want to complete the Annapurna trek on a shoe string budget and want to do almost everything independently.

I dont have much experience about trekking as this is my first time. Will be reaching katmandu by 27th Dec and hope to start the trek in a couple of days.

My schedule isnt rigid and m open to suggestions and changes in travel plan. If your intrested do let me know.



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  1. Hie Harsh,

    Sanjay 28 Mumbai here. I am planning a trek to ABC. Planning to reach KTM by 21st Dec and start the trek by following Sunday or Monday at the most. Planning for 10 days trek from Pokhara to Pokhara then head back to India and resume work. Possible to prepone your journey by couple of days?

  2. btw i plan to do it solo too….heard solo treks without guides are not permitted in Nepal anymore…have to get it verified. I am on a shoe string budget too.

  3. I am coming via train/bus so will reach KTM on 23rd Dec. Theres noway to prepone it 🙁

    As far as I know solo trek is still allowed in ABC n EBC. They are planning to ban it, still the decision has not yet been taken.

    Hopefully i will meet you on the trek. I am doing a 14 day trek from Besi Sahar to Muktinath.


  4. which part of India are you from? thanks for the link. The besi sahar and muktinath are in annapurna circuit? not going for the ABC? which one is better?

  5. I am also from Mumbai 🙂

    I personally prefer Annapurna circuit trek starting at besi Sahar as it is a bit more longer and has option of amzing side trips aswell.

    Here’s the route of both the treks :

  6. i am planning to get the ABC trek in 11-12 days. Since i am working i am running short of holidays. How do you plan to travel to KTM? via sikkim ow WB?

  7. Hi friends,

    i m also want to do some trek in nepal or ladakh.. but i m alone n looking for some partner or group. and i also want to do without any agency’s help..

  8. join in with either of us. Let us know how many days you can spare.

  9. 3 to 4 week.. but everything should in budget …

  10. have you planned anything? I am going for ABC trek and Darsh is going for Annapurna circuit. Both of us are doing the trek solo. I suggest you fix your travel dates first and then the destination. post on thorntree and trip advisor, people will help you out. If your dates are matching ours then you can join in.

  11. @ Sanjay : i am catching a train from Dadar to Gorakhpur. From there i will travel to Sunauli border crossing. And from there a bus/jeep to katmandu.

    @Karan : Even I am doing a very low budget travel. To reduce cost get your own tenting and cooking equipment.

  12. till no plan and nothing decided… but my date is flexible.. i can join with u guys.. u tell me when u will b der.. so i can book my ticket …

  13. Check out both the treks before choosing as both are different and you will have to plan accordingly.

    I would be starting my trek from KTM on 25 dec

  14. @harsh

    if i will join u then how much would be cost for 3 week..??

  15. Hello there,
    i would be flying to Katmandu then traveling to pokhara via bus and onward trek. I plan to stay in the tea houses along the way as i dont like carrying too much baggage on a backpacking trip, only the bare necessities.

  16. i don’t have tent or cooking gear so pls u suggest me that what should i buy for this trip..??

  17. Karan what is your budget? The treks in higher altitudes differ from the treks in sahyadris on a large scale.the EBC and ABC treks are called tea house treks cos of all the tea houses on the way and u can stay there. If you can spend a total of 20-25$ a day then you dont need to carry all that. Just some warm clothes and a sleeping bag for that climate., which can even be rented in pokhara and KTM. email me your queries at and lets see if i can help clear your doubts.

  18. I already in ktm and looking for trekking partner now.

  19. Unfortunately i missed my flight. So I would be able to start the trek at the earlist by 28/29 Dec. If any1 is wants to join at that time do let me know.

  20. harsh werent u supposed to use the roadways? i am starting the trek from 27th. will be reaching there on 25th.

  21. Sanjay i had a last minute change of plan as i couldnt get a reserved train ticket.

  22. ok bro. What is your itinerary?

  23. I am planning on doing the traditional annapurna circuit trek. Starting from Besi Sahar to Muktinath and if time permits then till Naya Pul. I am open to changes and also hope to do a couple of side trips if possible.

  24. cool. I will be doing the poon hill and abc trek. Let me know of your adventures once you get back. All the best.

  25. @harsh i just reached pokhara n still do last minutes shopping since budget still far within. Will start my trek from nayapul tomorrow. Good luck to you 🙂

  26. Hey I’m interested in doing this trek early January (1st to the 4th). If you’re still planning on doing it, let me know!