The Annapurna Circuit on a shoestring

Hey Everyone, I’m 18 from the UK doing an internship in Bangladesh. While over here it would be a crime not to do some trekking in Nepal!
Ideally I would like to do the whole circuit (normal route) including the Western side. I don’t really want to take longer than 17 days to do the trek due to commitments back in Bangladesh, however this is flexible.

I have experience trekking (in snow too) and am in good fitness.

I don’t want to do it guided as I don’t have that much money and want to do the trip as cheaply (and safely) as possible but make the most of it!

Let me know if anyone is interested, if not all the best with your travels and safe trekking.



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  1. Hi James,

    I’m 25, from Australia, flying into Kathmandu on 7 January and planning on doing the whole Annapurna circuit. I also have experience trekking and reckon it would take me less than the 3 weeks you seem to read everywhere.

    I have been tossing up getting a guide or not because I too would like to save money and do it at my own pace, but still be safe.

    Let me know if you think you could start around 8/9 January!

  2. Hi Kat,

    One of the reasons for going to Nepal was to renew my visa for Bangladesh. If the horror stories are anything to go by I should be trekking by the 8/9th so it should be perfect timing. But I’m flexible too so let me know if your interested, it would be great to have some company!

  3. Hi James, my name’s Sam, 35 and also from England. I’m going to be in Nepal from Jan 2nd to Feb 1 and also looking to do the APC. I don’t have a huge amount of experience with big treks but I have a pair of legs that appear to work reasonably well…. As for guides / exact dates I’m flexible but around Jan 8th for a start date would work for me. Let me know if you’re interested!

  4. Hi Sam, great to hear from you! The more the merrier on these sorts of things! Due to work In Bangladesh I want to do the whole APC in under the 3 week recommendation at a good steady pace (not rushing but not dawdling), what do you think of this?
    My finances wont allow me to get a guide unfortunately, but I don’t think we will need one.
    Like you I’m quite flexible for the start date. I am waiting to see if Kat (commented above) is still interested and if so we can start around the 8/9th otherwise if it is just me and you we could aim to start earlier perhaps if this works for you and you are around?
    Let me know what you think of any of this, again I’m quite flexible! Any questions or ideas please get in touch!

  5. Hi James and Sam, great to hear from both of you. I think we should do this, I’m really excited! I’m with James on not getting a guide, less for financial reasons, more because I like the idea of doing this independently, being flexible etc.
    Likewise, get in touch.
    I don’t really know how much more we have to organise – maybe just a place to meet up in Kathmandu!

  6. Hi there! We are pair of ukrainians, who want to do a Annapurna Circuit in first half of january. Start 2-3 of january. If you want, you can go with us. Without guide or porter for financial reasons.
    Slow english but love to the nature)
    We have treking experience in different way at home.

  7. Hey there Vasyl, Many thanks for your offer! But I have found a group to go with later in January so will be starting a week or 2 later, apologies to have missed you guys! But we will probably bump into each other along the trek anyway. Have a great trek and safe travels!

  8. Hey i m mandeep 25 from india. I m keen to go hike the circuit. Will it be cool if i was to join.

  9. Hi james.. 🙂 im planing to do the trek the same time as u and kat, any probem with me joining in ?
    I also had in mind making it on less than 3 weeks. No hurry though..
    Vicky 22 from norway

  10. Hey Vicky, Yeah sure no worries! I think we will be in Kathmandu till around the 8th/9th till everyone arrives, gets permits etc. and then we will head off! Does this work for you? I’m in Kathmandu from the 31st and Sam from 2nd so if you come earlier it would be great to meet up! Any questions or queries feel free to drop me a line at Thanks Vicky! 🙂

  11. Hey.. so im in, gonna be awesome. Im there the 6th. Btw 2ork is a great place to meet up! Chill restaurant in the center of thamel, great food, laidback style, known by backpackers… 🙂

  12. Hey.. so im in, gonna be awesome. Im there the 6th. Btw 2ork is a great place to meet up! Chill restaurant in the center of thamel, great food, laidback style, known by backpackers… 🙂

  13. Hi everyone! I ll be in kathmandu on the 7th and would like to go trekking for a week or so!

  14. Hi there Olga,

    Thanks for getting in touch. We will be doing the Annapurna Circuit (doing it in less than 3 weeks). We plan to leave by the 8/9th Jan and head to Pokhara and the start of the trek. Your welcome to join us so far we have 4. I will add you to our mailing list if you are interested.

    Let me know 🙂

    All the best


  15. Hello everyone!
    My name is Thijs and I am from the Netherlands. Im flying to khatmandu the 2/3 of january and want to do the Annapurna trek! I don’t have very much experience in snow trekking but I am sure that I would love the challenge. Looking for some good company to get the most out of this great trek.

    Sounds like the people in this thread have the same ambitions!

    Would like to hear from you,

  16. Hi James,

    I fly into Kathmandu on the 6th and plan on heading straight to Pokhara. I’m a complete novice at trekking but work as a tennis coach, so my legs are pretty durable. Any chance I could be a late joiner?



  17. I am in Kathmandu! 🙂

  18. Me too :D!

  19. Hi Ryan and others! I’m not sure if the others have been in touch but I know James and Sam are staying at this place –, and I’ve just booked myself a night in a dorm there. If you’re joining us that might be an easy way to find us. We’ll be leaving on the 8th or 9th depending on how quickly we can get everything sorted for the hike.

    See you soon hopefully!

  20. Hi Kat (and others),

    Im currently in KTM but leaving for Pokhara tomorrow. Are you going to Pokhara as well or straight to Besashar? I would be glad to join on either the 8th or the 9th. Just let me know!


  21. Hey Thijs!

    Apologies for the lack of responses! Stuff has been crazy over here in Kathmandu with work. Glad to here you made it into Kathmandu safely. We will have to wait to get everyone together and get their TIM’s and ACAP permits and then head out for the 8th or 9th straight for Besashar (however I think we are quite flexible). Let us know your movements if you don’t find a group to go with and wanna come!

    All the best,

  22. Hi James,

    No worries, glad to hear from you! Hope everything at work is going well for you.

    So yeah, I will be going to Pokhara tomorrow morning and see what it’s like up there. Would like to join you on either the 8th or 9th in Besashar and do the trek.

    Just let me know when you go to Besashar and I’ll make sure I’m there as well. Good luck everybody with the permit and the TIMS!


  23. Hello again everybody,

    I will be in Besisahar tomorrow morning 11am. What about you all? Managed to get the permits? Let me know.

    Soo you soon hopefully,

  24. Hey there Thijs,

    Apologies for the late replies! The power has been out most of the morning here and I haven’t been able to use my computer.

    Sounds good. We have all got our permits and will be leaving for Besisahar around 6am and get to you around 12ish I would imagine. So the timing is perfect.

    Looking forward to meeting up and getting on with the trek at last! 🙂

    Let me know if there is anything we can bring for you that you cant get out there!

    PS What is the weather like?

    All the best

  25. Hey James,

    That’s great! Getting very excited about this trek.

    So maybe we should decide on a place in Besishar to meet up since I’m not sure how the wifi will be there. Do you want to start trekking straight away tomorrow?

    A far as I know I’m all set, the only thing I was missing were some people going up there as well ;). Here in Pokhara the weather is quite alright, just below freezing at night and around 10-15 (depending on the sun). I hear that up at the pass it drops to maybe -10 to -20 (wind factor and all that). Either way it’s fine walking weather! Let’s just keep our fingers crossed that the pass doesn’t snow in.
    Looking forward to meeting all of you and tackle that mountain.


    P.S. if we don’t get in touch anymore I’ll be the guy at the bus station dressed as a North Face magazine advertisement and curls.

  26. Hey Thijs,

    Yeah we planned to start the trek off the bus as long as we didn’t need anything in Besa Sahar (Money from a cash machine etc.)

    Thanks for the weather update, your right it sounds ideal! I think we will be arriving like you without wifi so we will look out for you! You have seen my photo on this thing and I have seen yours so it shouldn’t be too difficult! 🙂

    Look forward to seeing you tomorrow!