Te Araroa – trek throught all the different ladscapes of New Zealand

Make the trail throught all the different landscapes of both New Zealand Islands – 3000 km on the feat, through landscapes from beaches to volcanoes to forests to cities. Newly opened trek which so far finished only hundreds of adventurers…. http://www.teararoa.org.nz/

Czech Republic


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  1. Ahoj Jirko,

    I speak Czech and am also Czech (Barbora, 21) but I am keeping to English for the sake of the website in case other people. Are you still planning to do this starting this December, and are you still looking for company? I also was looking at Bear’s plans for South America (which is where I found you) and these seem awesome also; I’m looking at either NZ or SA for this coming spring. Either way, I’d also love to just meet another Czech person roaming the world. Nice to see the nationality expanding.