Te Araroa Thru Hike NZ

Hello fellow hikers!
My name is Caroline, and I am looking for at least 1 partner/mate to thru hike the Te Araroa Trail starting the end of November or the beginning of December. I am looking to hike the trail Southbound, and am in the midst of planning my itinerary. I am looking to complete the trail by May, which is about 5 months in total. I am not an experienced bush-whacker or thru hiker either; however, I do have some trekking experience. I have section hiked the PCT, done a good deal of day hiking, and completed a month long trek in Nepal in June. I am pretty hooked now, and am dying to do this trail. It seems really special and unlike any other thru hike. However, I am nervous about navigation and getting lost, so I would love a companion to get lost and un-lost with! More about me: I am from the States, am a Divemaster, yoga teacher, and love to do art and am learning the guitar at the moment! I am very adventurous and positive, and have always been most motivated by nature and natural beauty. I am looking forward to possibly hearing from some interested people. Thank you 🙂



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  1. this is Nepal board… Good Luck! 🙂