Te Araroa – New Zealand

Hello fellow travellers.
I’ve start my plans to head to New Zealand and take on the Te Araroa trail. I’ve had a ton of life changes and I’m ready to do the things that I want to do at this age.
However, I’ve never done anything like this before and wouldn’t mind a few pointers, and possibly a hiking partner for this particular tramp. I want to take this opportunity to meet people from different places, make friends, and have an unforgettable adventure – all while pushing myself at something I never thought possible.
I’ve never seen myself as a hiker, but I’ve always enjoyed the outdoors. So I started pushing myself to see more places and try more things. A while ago I did a 20km hike in 5 hours, and started to realize that that was something I wanted to do with a group of unforgettable people, in an unforgettable place.
Why New Zealand?
It’s full of so many different environments and caring people. I believe it’s a place everyone should experience at least once in their lives – and I’m so ready to do it.

Budget is including airfare (Costs close to $2500 from Toronto, ON.)



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  1. Hello Caitlyn,
    How are you doing ? Did you manage to get to NZ ?
    I’ve always wanted to do the Te Araroa Trail but everybody advised me against going alone, mostly considering the brutal climate changes in that part of the world.
    I’ve lived in the French Alps, I’m fond of hiking, mountains and to be honest, travel and meeting people in general. But I have absolutely no experience in tramping in NZ I’m afraid…
    Do you still plan on doing it ?