taking on the AC!

I want to leave sometime around the 3rd and take my time to enjoy as much as possible. It seems like most itineraries have AC going 18 days so that’s my plan so far. I’m planning on going without guide and just figuring it out from some combination of internet/asking people. welcome 🙂 



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  1. hallo.. could you send me mail, so we can have further discussion..
    i m planing to go to nepal at a similar date with your schedule.

  2. Hello ! Looks like we have somewhat the same plan.

    Thanks 😀

  3. @Nicholas…yea man I see that, do you want to go together?
    @ariel alright cool no problem I am sending something to your inbox

  4. Yes drop me a email [email edited out by moderator – please send email via private message]

  5. Hello everyone – I’ve arranged a private car and jeep from Kathmandu to Chame on 4 March 2014. Let me know if you are interested in joining – better than local bus, which I’ve done too many times in Nepal.

  6. Hey guys i’m in kathmandu and planning on doing the same itinerary as soon as possible (today/tommorow) as well as climbing the Island Peak, Feel free to let me know where you at.

  7. Hi everyone, I’m also planning on doing the anapurna circuit in few days. Do you have a group and any specific days?
    I would love to join.