STOK KANGRI Summit Trek 2017

TRIP : Stok Kangri Summit trek 2017
“Individual ”
Trek Start Date: Sunday, 21th August, 2017
Region :- Leh, Ladakh, J & K
Max Altitude :- 20,800 Ft/6132 mts
Grade :- Moderate / Difficult
Duration :- 8 Days + 1 Buffer day
Approx Trekking Km :- 40 Kms.

Stok Kangri is the pride of Ladakh & one of the least explored 6000mt summits in India. Be the one to join the elite club of trekkers to have conquered the 20000ft / 6000mt peak. Being at 20K feet, it is still considered as an easy peak as this peak does not require technical skills. Having said that, on the summit stretch, we will cross a glacier and then a steep climb on to the south ridge from where it is an exposed walk right up to the summit. It’s a challenging climb even for the fittest of the climbers and is a great adventure in Himalayan mountaineering.
This trek is indeed for experienced trekker who has done a few high altitude treks in the past.

Acclimatization is key to this trek. A trekker needs is another trek(during the course of this trek itself) that climbs to at least 15,500 feet (4,700 – 5,000 mts) before attempting Stok Kangri summit for better acclimatization. We have taken care of that in our itinerary.

Stok kangri Trek day 1 – Arrive at Leh and rest @ 11400 ft
Stok Kangri trek day 2 – Drive to Shang Village @ 12000 ft &Â Trek from Shang to Shang Phu
Stok Kangri trek Day 3 – Trek from Shang Phu to Matho Doksa to Gangpoche (via Shangphu La) @ 14,250 ft to 14,500ft via 16,750ft
Stok Kangri trek Day 4 – Trek from Gangopoche to Mankarmo @ 14,500 ft. to 14,550 ft. via 14,850 ft
Stok Kangri trek Day 5 – Trek from Mankarmo to Stok Kangri Base camp @ 14,550 ft. to 16,300 ft
Stok Kangri trek Day 6 – Rest day at Stok Kangri Base
Stok Kangri trek Day 7– Summit Stok Kangri and back to base camp @ 16,300 ft. to 20,080 ft to 16,300 ft
Stok Kangri trek Day 8 – Stok Kangri Base to Stok Village and drive back to Leh @ 16,300 ft to 11,800 ft
Stok Kangri trek Day 9 – Buffer Day / Depart

* As a standard protocol, partners are suggested to plan 1 buffer day for the trek considering the challenges offered by the weather conditions. Extra charges apply if extra day consumed.

# Fitness

Stok Kangri Summit requires the trekker to be in top physical condition before you start the trek. The temperature variations between the day & night vary anywhere between 15ºC. Hence it is very essential to have a fit body & mind. You must be able to jog 4.5 km in 30 minutes.

LUNGS – Push your lungs, Most critical work in any high altitude trek is of the LUNGS. They are at over work as they get very less oxygen & physical exertion will push them harder for 1.5 month prior to the trek.

MUSCLES -A well stretched & healthy muscles make the trek that much more easier. Focus on Legs, Back, Neck & Shoulder. 20min of focused stretching activities for 45 days will help. It determines the amount of movement your bones can make in any direction around joints such as shoulders, elbows, hips and knees. Stretching improves your posture and helps to prevent low back pain.

# Other Mandatory Instruction

Plastic Bottles are STRICTLY prohibited
Recommended bag weight is 7 to 8 Kgs
STRICT No Smoking / Alcohol policy

Please feel free to contact me on +91-9936501847 for any query. Whatsapp works.



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