Stok Kangri

Call to experienced trekkers/mountaineers:
Planning to do Stok Kangri in the second week of August. I am keen to do it self-supported/self-navigated style, and am looking for a partner or two to join in. You must be fit, active, alert, knowledgeable, with prior experience in high altitudes and no prior problems with acclimatization, and must also have all necessary clothing.
Stok is not a technical peak, so I’m sure we can do this with support from the weather gods. No hasty decisions, no stubbornness, no putting the life of another in danger.

Please shoot any questions you have, I’ll try to reply asap.

As for the logistics :
– I got a 3-person tent which will hold well on the route
– Also have a GPS which can be programmed to navigate us (route markers are available online)
– Will leave stocked with food – approx. 15000 KCal/member
– Will need cooking equipment, which can be hired from Leh

I will be traveling from Srinagar, to Leh, and then set out on this expedition in a day or two.



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  1. Hi vib, i have similar plans. Trying to do in first week of Aug around 4th or 5th aug. Let me know if u r flexi on sch
    My wats app no

  2. Hi Ishan.. First, many apologies for replying so late. Coz of the Kashmir unrest, I dropped the plans for doing SK this season. Didn’t wanna get out for the sole purpose of climbing a peak. Did you go for it?