Stok Kangri

I’m arriving in Leh the 27th of August. I’m looking for a trekking partner to climb Stok Kangri with, preferably starting around the 1st of september. I’ve done high elevation climbs in the US but nowhere near this altitude. I’m travelling from Nepal where I’ve been living the last two months.



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  1. Hi! I plan to summit Stok Kangri around these dates. Not sure we can do it together (I have acclimated aready) but at least can start together and I can share some info I already have. Drop me a message if interested. I leaving for trek tomorrow but will be back around 28th.

    • Hey Sergiy! I would love to hear an update from you. What trek are you doing prior? Is there snow on the mountain? How is the weather?

  2. I am leaving to Phyang-Hunder trek in few minutes (done Rumtse-Tsomoriri and Alchi circuit already) . Weather is changing all the time but I think ascent is possible every day – only concern is visibility from the very top. There is a little snow but it MIGHT be gone in a week or so.

    • Thanks for the info. Have a safe trek!

  3. Hi, I am leaving to Stok and then to the Base Camp on Friday, September 3rd. Would you like to share a taxi and/or walk? Or just have a chat before departure?

    • To stok bc on September 2nd, ascent on September 3rd

    • Yes certainly, would you like to meet tomorrow for dinner?