St. Paul Trail – Turkey Sept/Oct

Im planning on hiking the 300 mile St. Paul Trail in southern Turkey this Sept/Oct. It’s a route that is inspired by the travels of St. Paul and follows ancient Roman roads through the Taurus mountains and old Greek cities…. A combination of natural beauty and antiquities as well as Turkish culture. Three years ago I did the Lycian Way on the southern coast of Turkey and thoroughly enjoyed it.

I’m looking for fellow trekkers who might be interested in joining me for some or all of this route.

There’s more info on the route here:

I’m currently on an open ended world tour so I am quite flexible with my dates. 🙂


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  1. here’s the utl for info on this trail:

  2. Hi John

    We’re planning on walking 300 mile of lycian way in oct. I’m in good shape and a regular exerciser but new to long distance walks. Physically how demanding is it for a beginner? Please share your thoughts and suggestions.



  3. Hey Adil,

    I think the answer to your question lies in how much stuff you intend to bring and how fast you intend to walk. I carried around 50 pounds and did it in less than four weeks with only 2 days of rest. I’m in pretty good shape but the weight plus the speed made it pretty physically demanding. I was on a longer holiday so I carried a bunch of stuff I didn’t need for the trek… something I won’t be doing this fall.

    If you follow the book you can just do it with little more than a day pack if you plan to stay in pansiyons, but I believe there are two sections where having a tent would be helpful. I love camping so I carried a bunch of camping equipment the other people I met weren’t carrying.

    If you’re in decent shape and allow yourself some rest days, and don’t carry half your body weight in gear I wouldn’t think it would be a very difficult trek overall.

    One thing to consider is water. I hiked the Lycian Way in the fall three years ago and found most of the cisterns marked on the map in the upper elevations to be dry.

    Hope this helps!

  4. Hey was certainly was quite useful and encouraging. Thanks a lot!

  5. (Bad English…!)
    St. Paul trail or Kaçkar mountains?

    Hi John and other readers,
    I like to do the St. Paul trail in this autum.
    My earliest start is the 22. of october. I have time upto (latest day to fly back home) the 25. of november.
    Because for this trek there are not much information – I’m looking here for news or other trekkers in this time on the trail…
    Is the book from Kate helpfull? (The guidebook abbout the Lycian ways has god background informations, the way description was for me confusing. I stayed two nights at Delikkemer, forget my book on the daywalk to Patara in the small Aspendos restaurant and leave it there. Later then I used short way description/ informations from a German, printed out of the www.)

    Alternate I’m also intrested to do trekking in the Kaçkar mountains.
    May be some short treks in the area…
    I’m happy, if you share your informations and experiences here!

    My trekking experiences are mostly short/medium treks, i.e. in Germany/ Austria, Marocco, Pakistan, Nepal and India.
    I did only one long distance trek, the full Lycian way in early november/ december 2012.
    (My reviews: It was a perfect time for trekking: warm, not to hot; only three rainy days; time to harvest the fruits = free fruits to pick up or as a present from the villagers for the bypassing trekker; only a few of the springs/ creeks have no water (I carried only maximum one liter with me); quite, free trail = I meet total maximum 30 trekkers, 15 from this in one time on a guided tour); stayed one night (clothes washing) in a pension, otherwise in my tent on springs, creeks or outside villages; interesting small antic sites for selfexploring…; quite villages and friendly people, changing landscape (one and a have days boring, because of the “greenhouse valley”. Total very good and intresting experience…
    I like recommend the Lycian Yolu to other trekkers!)


  6. Hi John & Jan

    Do you think we would require sleeping bags if trekking Lycian way in oct beginning? If yes what grade of bag would be good? Also how much of winter clothing would we need?


  7. Hey Jan – I’m planning on hiking the St. Paul Trail the month before in sept/Oct. The guide book mentioned these months being the best weather. The southern half of the trail seems to be hikable year round but the northern half at higher elevations can get quite cold with snow. I do have the guide book and will be bringing it.

    Adil – I don’t think a sleeping bag is absolutely necessary, I did bring one and it was nice having the extra cushion to sleep on. I don’t think it ever got cold enough where I actually slept inside it.

  8. John thats quite relieving to hear that its not gonna be so cold. What time of year did u walk it? It seems i dont need any winter clothes to carry too. What say u?

  9. I hiked it late sept through Oct. The lower elevations (sea level) were quite hot and the upper elevations cooler but definitely not cold or even cool. I think you will be alright not bringing winter clothes. If you plan on camping I do recommend bringing a tent as just two mosquito’s can keep you up all night. 🙂

  10. Hey John

    Thats great to hear and easily knocks off a few pounds off our shoulders 😉 Yeah we’ll be carrying tents and silk bag liners. How did you manage your meals n day long nutrition. Would be really very useful if you could guide and advise us in detail.

    Thanks a ton!

  11. There are plenty of restaurants/lokanta in the towns and villages you’ll pass through where you can get excellent food. For meals where I wasn’t near a town I had crackers, cheese, dried fruit. Basically whatever wasn’t perishable (and vegetarian) that i cold fund in the little shops. I could have done a much better job with the food I carried with me. This year I’m bringing alone an alcohol stove so I’ll be able to heat some food up.

  12. That answers most of the queries. Thanks a ton John, it was real help. Godspeed for your coming trip 🙂

  13. No problem, Adil! The Lycian Way is a great trek and I’m sure you’ll enjoy it! Good luck!

  14. Hi John

    Your info about the way was spot-on. Thanks for the help. I did my part of the lycian way last month and it was great 🙂
    Here you may find some pictures along with a short review.