some trekking in nepal

hi there
doing some aidwork close to kathmandu. already very excited to do a trekking in august 2015. anybody up for it?
either annapurna curcuit or langtang or also open to other ideas…
I’m suiss, spoken languages: german, english and some french

would love to have some company -also for saftey reasons…

looking forward to getting to know you!



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  1. Hello Tina

    I’m also from Switzerland and doing some work in Kathmandu. And after that am planing to do some trekking in August.

    Have you already planned anything?


  2. hey tanja! nothing planned so far!
    are you from the german speaking part of switerland? anyways. we should meet for dinner one time!
    I’m staying in boudha -so a bit outside of kathmandu. but I’m flexible…
    maybe next week? dinner on wednesday?
    greetings tina

  3. Hallo Tina

    Ja, ich bin aus der Deutsch-Schweiz 😉
    Und ja, es wäre super, könnten wir uns einmal treffen. Würde es dir aber auch eher am Ende der Woche gehen? Vlt Donnerstag oder Freitag?

    Liebe Grüsse

  4. klar! hast du eine nepalesische simkarte? weiss leider meine nummer nicht auswendig 😉
    oder sonst per mail. ist vielleicht sowieso besser, dass nicht alle die nr haben 😉

    donnerstag und freitag passt.
    liebgruss t.

  5. Danny
    Jul 05
    Hi guys im planning to do the anna purna circuit too after bringing the clothes to earthquakes victims which i gathered from singapore . ill arrive in 25th august . so perhaps a week after or less? Ill be free . i took a one way ticket so im flexible as long i still have money haha.

  6. hey danny,
    sounds like a fine plan! are you flying to nepal on august, 25th? because we’ll probably be back at that time…..
    I’m planing on starting the trek beginning of august. I wanna be back in kathmandu by the end of august.
    what do you think?

    • Hi tina! Sadly i will arrive in 25th and probably start the trek early september only as i have several villages to go to to deliver the clothes ! Nonetheless if you have a change of plan let me know! Cheers

  7. Hi guys,

    I’m also looking to do a moderate difficulty and moderate paced Northern (Indian) trek around August 2015. (Err… I might even be slower at times, since I plan to click along the way. :D)

    What else? Yes: A.) Maybe lower on budge since I decided to quit “corporate” life and am figuring things; B.) Und, Ich verstehe wenig Deutsche (sehr wenig) und Französische auch. 🙂

    Maybe we should connect; what do you think?


  8. hi, if you have any work for me do let me know i am from kathmandu

  9. hi würde mich euch auch gerne anschließen =) bin zurzeit im Dhulikel Hospital und denke ich sollte rechtzeitig fertig werden

  10. Hi Tina! Im Ellie from New Zealand. I would love to meet up for a coffee sometime if you’re free to talk about trekking. I did everest base camp and Annapurna base camp at the beginning of the year and am looking to to the full Annapurna circuit or any other trek sometime in August, my timing is pretty flexible.

    Be In touch, Ellie. 🙂

  11. Hey Tina,

    We just arrived in Kathmandou and plan to do the Annapurna circuit soon.

    Have you plan your trip or not yet?

    See you


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