Annapura region walk

I’m flying to Nepal on the 10th and look for some people to walk around the Annapurna. I think I will first spend some time in Kathmandu and Phokara to get over the jetlag and find some nice people to walk with. I’m flexible with the timing and plan; if someone comes with the suggestion to walk somewhere else I’m also interested.

For me this is the first time in Nepal. I did some of the more difficult trekkings and passes in France. But this will be different. Im afraid it might be pretty cold at night. Im packing some warm clothes but depending on the temperature stay a little bit lower then the basecamp.

Please message me if you are interested to join my adventure or if you would like me to join yours …





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  1. Hi Daan,

    I am looking to reach Besisahar on the 14th and get my paperwork sorted out. I may take a jeep to Chame on the 15th and start walking from there. Will be glad to hike with a buddy.