Solo Trekker October 2016 Looking for Companion!

I close this enquiry!
I changed my intention in principle!
Happy treks.

I am a 54 year old German male and experienced trekker.
I have done several treks in Nepal and uncounted in the alps.
I like to do uncrowded treks. So the Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trek (north and south)
will be a good area for silence and lonelyness.
My preference to do the trek is in october 2016, by a timeframe between 29.Sept. and 2.Nov
with a duration of app. 21 walkingdays, 2 restdays and another 4days for traveling KTM-Kanch-KTM.
For now, there is no organisation like guide, bus, flight, aso.
I think we can work out and organize more details esp. guide, pace of trekking, accommodation,
budget aso. as a team!




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  1. Hey Josef, I was planning for solo KBC trek in the month of October.
    How many companions are you looking for this trek?

    • Hey Viv, do you still have plans to go in October? I would love to go there begging of the month.

  2. Hey Josef

    The trek sounds cool. Will research at my end. let me know if I can join your group.


  3. Hi Josef,

    I think we have a lot of analogies.
    I am a 52 year old German male and experienced trekker and have done several treks in Nepal and uncounted in the alps.
    The Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trek (north and south) and other uncrowded treks are on the top of my favorit list.

    You Know, for controlled regions the need of minimum 2 clients for the permit is a hurdleof a more spontaneously and individual planning of a trek.
    For the long run it helps to have some good contacts, for another season and maybe other treks.

    I’m glad if you contact me.

    • Hi Wolfgang!
      Ich freue mich von dir zu hören.
      Leider habe ich innerhalb der mir gesetzten Deadline (Ende März) keinen adequaten Partner, seis über Agenturen oder Trekkingforen gefunden. Deine Rückmeldung kommt leider etwas zu spät.
      Ich werde dieses Jahr nicht nach Nepal kommen.
      Ich habe mir in unseren schönen Alpen eine ca. 20 tägige Tour ausgesucht. Ende Sept bis Mitte Oktober
      Ich werde einen Teil (westliche Schleife) des Kärntner Grenzweges gehen. Solltest du in Nepal nichts finden. Ich gehe definitiv in die ALpen. Evtl. werde ich 2018 wieder soviel Urlaub (5 Wochen) von meinem Chef genehmigt bekommen. Dann ist das Thema Nepal wieder aktuell. Bei Interesse growadax at arcor punkt de
      Grüsse Josef.

  4. If without domestic flying, I would join. Thanks for organizing.