Short trek out of Pokhara

Hi, I am hoping to get to Nepal on August 17, Indian railways and Nepalese buses permitting! I was thinking of doing a shorter trek (5 days or so) out of Pokhara and then going to Kathmandu for the last few days before my flight home on the 29. I haven’t made any concrete plans yet, any suggestions or if you’re planning a trek around those dates, feel free to get in touch 🙂




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    Hi Sasha,

    Two treks come to mind – the classic Poon Hill/Ghorepani trek and another trek that follows the same route initially and then deviates off up another ridge called Khopra Danda. Both are based out of Pokhara.

    Check out #6 in this article…


  2. Hi Sasha, I’m flying into Kathmandu on the 18th for 2weeks and am looking to do a similar type holiday with a short week long trek and exploring villages and cities around Nepal. Let me know if you’d be interested in teaming up 🙂

    • Hey Simon, I’d definitely be interested in teaming up! Dhaulagiri panorama sounds perfect, if you’d still be up for that? 🙂

  3. Hey Sasha and Simon, Will be in Nepal August 14th through mid Sept. Would be really interested in possibly joining up with you for your trek. Feel free to contact me, Thanks,

    • Hey, sounds good 🙂 I really like the look of the Khopra Dande route from Alex’s link with the extra day to get to the lake as well, what were you thinking?
      Haven’t actually heard back from Simon yet so I hope he’s still in.

  4. That route looks really interesting, I like it a lot more then what I originally started to map out. Im going to do a little more research and hopefully we can get a plan together. I have a couple who are possibly interested in joining as well, hopefully they will be signed up on this site soon. Lets try to make this work!

    • Yeah let’s do it! Let me know when they get back to you so we can start thinking specifics. I’m in India at the moment, so internet is a bit on and off but so far it’s always fixed itself after a few days 🙂

  5. hallo boys,, will arrive on the 12th in ktm.. when r u starting ?
    will be glad to join to the force!

  6. hey Sasha.. i got a pict. over this link. can u send me direkt to fb ?
    how long will be the trek ?

  7. Hey Sasha, sorry been a bit hectic here the last few months, sorry I haven’t got back to you earlier.
    Yes, definitely still want to join you I have sent you my contact details in your private message box.
    I’ll be in Kathmandu on the evening of the 17th and look forward to meeting you all from there 🙂

  8. lets make a contact list, send me your phone numbers (email edited out – please share email via private message for better privacy.)