Short trek or other activity in Nepal


I am 21 years old girl from Finland. I will stay between 10.-27.3 in Kathmandu. My only plan so far is to stay in an orphanage about on week but besides that I don’t have clear plans. I would like to see Kathmandu and maybe do some short trek 5-8 days. I have not decided will I stay in an orphanage in the beginning or in the end of my trip so my days are little flexible. Because I am young female and going alone I would be really happy to find any companion for my trip. I am open for any plans that are suitable with my travel days.




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  1. Hey, I’m 27 M from India. I’m planning to be in Kathmandu from 15-24.3. We may plan Langtang/Helmbu for 5-6 days. Let me know if you’re interested.


  2. Hi! i’m interested in doing a short trek too, lemme know if you guys push thtough on Langtang 🙂 I’ll be arriving on the 10th, so i can leave maybe on the 11h or 12th 🙂

  3. Hi guys have you planned anything yet? I would love to join.. I work in Kathmandu at the moment and I will be on vacation between 13-22 of March and I wanna do some short Trekking during that week, so maybe we could fit plans together… I was thinking of either some short trek at langtang or go to Phokara and do some short Trekking from there, maybe poon hill. Let me know if anyone is interested or if you have any other plans I could join!!