Short Easy Route


I am traveling to Nepal for a monastery retreat and afterwards looking to do a trek any length from 3-7 days by horse around Oct 18-26. I have a bum foot from a bad rock climbing accident I had a couple of years ago so can’t trek much on foot. Would love to join up with someone!

I’m 29 years old, from the US and have traveled in Asia a lot as well as other places, but never Nepal. I’m just really excited to get outside and see the Himalayas and would much rather hang out with people then do it alone.

I’ve trekked in Peru and Kenya at high altitudes and am outdoorsy but obviously trying to take it easy because of my foot :).




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  1. Harmony, my friend! How are you? I will start the trekking with my Nepali friend, lIke brother, he know the way! Let me know where are you now! Enjoy!