Shimshal – Lukpe La – Snow Lake – Biafo glacier – Skardu

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I’m planning on going on a famous and remote technical trek in the Pakistan Karakoram range from Shimshal to Snow Lake via the Shimshal Pass (4700m), Braldu glacier and Lukpe La pass (5550m). There is also an optional climb of Wayloo Sar (6100m) and Braldu Brakk (6050m) for amazing views. The trip is roughly 26 days with about 18 days trekking (including one rest day) depending on weather. The trip will be expedition style camping with a few nights camping on glacier. Temperatures can be hot lower down the valleys and cold higher up – expect -5 or -10 a few nights.

Having spoke to someone who has already done this trip “The Lukpe La region is amazing with several side valleys to explore and some awesome peaks around. Last month some guys crossed Lukpe La starting from Shimshal as we did in 2007. The descent towards Sim Gang and Snow Lake is breathtaking.”

Lukpe La Videos:

I’m a 41 year old English guy with lots of trekking experience in Nepal and Pakistan. Drop me a line if this sounds up your alley.





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