Share a jeep to Langtang/ Syabrubesi Oct 9, 2013

We are two trekkers traveling from the KTM airport to Syabrubesi on Wednesday, October 9th in the morning to hike the Langtang Valley. Would anyone like to avoid the bus ride and share a jeep with us?
Also, does anyone have a recommendation on who is a preferred contact for a jeep? I have several hotel owners who have offered with a price for 4 people one way, of around US$180. for the trip. Any other experienced trekker’s thoughts or suggestions are welcome.



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  1. Dear Debthor, as u mention that you need a jeep from airport to Syabrubesi the cost is only $ 160 for one way. just let me know than i will provide u jeep as well.

  2. Thank you so much for your reply but we have a jeep from KTM to Syabrubesi for US$160. and we only need one jeep. But if I get a lot of responses and need two jeeps I will be sure to let you know.
    Sincerely, Debthor

  3. its ok..its does not matter. okey let your dream holiday come true in Nepal. Have fun…


  4. Hi,
    If it’s 12th me along with my 2 friends would like to join.

  5. Hi Muhammad, thanks for the note but we are planning to leave on October 9th.

  6. OK. No prob enjoy the trail. Unfortunately we will be landing on 11th October.

  7. We’re looking for a ride (two people) for the 27th of September in case anyone else is monitoring this …

  8. Thomas, I have tried to respond that yes we have room for two people but the replys to you do not get through.. What is your email address so I can get you the details?

  9. Hi debthor,

    Do you still have room? We are two plus a guide/porter so there are three of us all together.